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Um the PS4 is not smaller than the super slim. I have them side by side. Same height and width(to the eye) but the PS4 is deeper.

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More power didn't help the original Xbox. Neo will be out a year earlier and most likely cheaper when Scorpio comes out.

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Evolution had three duds. Pacific Rift was great but didn't sell well. Apocalypse was a bomb. DriveClub didn't do so hot at first until it had huge discounts.

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It says Sony Interactive Entertainment in the trailer. Sony is publishing it or at least have a hand in development process so it won't be going to PC.

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N4rc how can you say they focus far out in the future when all the stuff they've shown is years old? You know why Sony didn't focus on games coming out this year? Because they showed them off before and lots got pre E3 trailers.

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Confirmation is okay but announcing a release date will tank XO sells even further. Now everyone wanting one would just wait.

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What the hell exactly did you see that wasn't new? This whole video showcased stuff not done in GT before...

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Even if PS4 Neo failed, why would that stop the vanilla PS4 from selling? LOL! PS4 is going to keep selling whether PS4K fails for not. PSP Go didn't stop the PSP from selling.

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To have the right to complain.

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There were no XB1 versions announced. It was only announced as a PSVR title at a Sony conference. I wouldn't be surprised to see it exclusive though. They surely have lots of console exclusive fighters. Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, and Injustice is next gen exclusive to PS4.

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And even at that price it hasn't come near the PS4. I agree though, they aren't going raise it back up. Jan and Feb the PS4 has been widely increasing the gap just in the US.

Plus it's only the US, it's like they don't care about the rest of the world.

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There are great ideas out there in game form but they just aren't popular and gamers pass them off because of it.

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Did you miss Tearaway Unfolded? Gravity Rush? Miss the announcement of Dreams? They've got plenty of innovation coming. They never said they were focusing on graphics.

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Does that matter? Those opportunists would sell them to gamers who would have bought them anyway, it doesn't inflate numbers at all.

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SFV is an awesome fighting game mechanically and one of the best out there. It lacks features but I knew what it would lack before it came out, I get to play it now while I wait for new stuff so Idc. If you can't deal with that just wait.

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Sony already had a console exclusive fighter, it's called Guilty Gear and another one soon The King of Fighters.

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SF3 launched with much less characters than the alpha games and is considered one of the best. If content is what makes a fighting game great I guess Guilty Gear Xrd sucks and KOF14 is going to be the best fighter of modern day.

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Preordered, picking up after work! Also have Gravity Rush coming from Amazon. ^_^

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@Kribwalker but it isn't selling WAY better, just better and it's tracking at a slightly lower pace than the PS3 which 360 fanboys deemed a failure and made countless videos about like the "how to kill a brand" video.

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Not being PC like all the other pansies in office is one thing I can respect about him. Screw political correctness, you can't not offend everyone.

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