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Cmon man forget what console sells more...wii is murdering both at this point.....jstfuajpycoc.

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I think if you would of added "Just wait till 2009" or had a list of ps3 games...your posting would of been comedy gold....god bless you sweet droid.

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Hey...I dont own a ps3.

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How the hell does resistance 2 and even motorstorm get graphical downgrades.....seriously....wa s talking to this ps3 fanboy at gamestop, where I went to buy cod5..he said the ps3 is still new..its takes time for the full power of the ps3 to show.....I asked him point blank what was up with resistance 2's graphics and why they were downgraded from last years first version....he looked at me and said I dont know man...It does look terrible....

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If people really wanted the game no delay would stop them from buying it...face it..the ps3 is just a glorified movie player....then a game system which is really sad when you think about it....stop with the excuses..your embaressing yourselves...I still think with even the poor sales lbp can still get goty...thats something to brag about instead of great sales ps3 fanatics.

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Too bad resistance 2 failed miserably...time to put another game on the podium....which will also fail im

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You both need to wear looser panties....what this guy typed is nothing compared to I_AM_A_MONKEY with our presidents thats racist. On topic....I love how there are no numbers....cant find out how small germany really is.

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No problems whatsoever....the ps3 does not need a price drop....blu-ray is the best format purchases every website that does reviews to bring ps3 exclusives is still not 6 million over the ps3....the ps3 is not third in this console war..psn exceeds or is up to par with xbox can see these ridiculous notions and many others on n4g.

Dam your everywhere today junken...whats school today>?

@frenchie...what the ...

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And I value that opinion...Someone who will say there are problems with a certain game and not have people think somethings not up...I own every console minus the ps3...I will eventually get one but the way things are looking now it will be for movies....thats my opinion...alot of people dont like my opinions but I am not blind when it comes to microsoft....there are problems that exists today with the of those problems is gears of war 2...I was thinking it was a isolated ...

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You are seriously f*cking up the whole ps3 owner fanatasism that exists with people on n4g....stop it or you will get plenty of are suppose to blindly like the game regardless of problems...wake up my friend or those bubbles will dissapear faster then hopes of ps3 catching up in 2008. here I will add one...enjoy your games my friend.

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hEY STUPID..THEY REMADE THOSE MAPS.......gridlock is the exact same map with you are dumb as hell dude....roflmao.

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With those words spot nasim in the wild....wb douche...hope they ban you again.

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Who cares at this point what you like....

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Man you people crack me one care to comment on the huge drop in lbp sales...or were the numbers not added for the sweet sweet tears that will went from 67K to 17K. Get one of these morons to admit the ps3 and the xbox are on the same boat to nowhere in japan......never.

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Lol...just like resistance 2 huh...motorstorm 2 as well..even lbp....looks like this is the next game to be proclaimed as the xbox killer allready.....300K is peanuts.....this game will sell worst since its a new IP.....good luck with that fatso...

@[email protected] jukken2...cmon "dear"..stop trying to change the subject.
cmrbe=jukken if you droids want to hit on that prize pig..roflmao...tell her to add you to her psn so you guys can masterbate while on r2.

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No your jukken....your trying to say your not
it looks kinda weird for a person who says she is female to be so fanatical to have more accounts... i mean..for a girl to do must be HUUUGE......

Edit.ali must be that sort of noob that just tries to run into you with his chainsaw going with 3 other people just waiting for him to end the chainsaw animation so they can kill him....too bad he is in europe or i would show him how to really play.

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Well look what we have here...the 4 best trollers on n4g complaining about me....incredible little babies....blame me for the ps3s flops why dont you. And no one is jealous fatso...if I was I would just go purchase that glorified movie player like you morons did...but nothing even remotely tells me i should own one....besides iron man on blu-ray...pretty sad huh...when you pick something other then games to buy that POS3.

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So its also a goty contender....But honestly...I think lbp will get goty...its something new..not a sequel.

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I think you actually sh1t yourself when you realize what a piece of ass the ps3 is....its called buyers remorse actually sh1t yourself.

It's funny an xbot talking about buyers remorse...dude you bought a 360 the most unreliable console ever created...nothing more to say"
Yet im not remorseful in buying my xbox elite....what a dummy.

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But its just another promise sony gave its blu-ray owners that is not delivering....seriously..if gt5 the real game and not the ,glorified demo those morons in europe purchased more of, does not have crash damage you cant call it a simulation...plain and simple.

"God you are ugly."
I bet your a "prize pig" yourself huh jukken?

@edit..and if you crash driving in real you not get damage? face it...if theres no crash damage its...

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