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Thanks for clarifying to Xgamer what I was referring to.

Where did I ever say I support or disapprove of what he said? I didn't even read it. I was just trying to humorously call you out on calling him a transvestite, which was uneccessary.

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transvestite sniper? this coming from the guy with an avatar of some dude/chick in a leather SnM outfit. nice one tough guy.

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@Mr Marbles

Sony fanboys "whining"? So I guess that makes you better than everyone else as you "whine" about fanboys "whining". Clearly your insecurity is affecting you if posts on an internet forum cause you so much distress.

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I understand your skepticism. I didn't believe it at first, but I tried it out last night and it loaded up very quickly. I was very surprised.

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I always think its hilarious how people have to publicly claim how they are the victim and how they are acting moral and righteous - doesn't that defeat the whole purpose? I have no idea what half your little rant was about - I guess you were trying to establish "gamer cred" or something. Who cares. If you are as old as you say you are, then what the hell are you doing on a gaming website calling owners of the ps3, "sony zombies"?

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Working on a ps4? Really? So you have insider information? Try and think before you post next time since you absolutely failed right here. What's so wrong with Sony adopting for a 10yr plan? You talk as if that is blasphemy. The PS3 is a little over a year old and your already spreading tales of doom and gloom. Stop being so shortsighted and look at the big picture. You say that ps3 owners might be annoyed if a ps4 is released with more annoyed do you thin...

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its funny how the most commented posts are always ps3 related. xbox owners always seem inclined to comment and remind everyone that they are ahead of the ps3. for guys who are apparently "on the throne", you guys sure don't act like it.

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wow. the most commented article on this site is an article in regards to sales data for one month out of twelve. shows where everyones hearts at. very disappointing.

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Damn. If sony really wanted to be dominant in this market..they should of TEAMED with Apple and had Itunes integrated into PSN. This would of killed xbox live. But going at it alone..I don't think this was wise. But we'll see.

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so how many hours did you waste coming up with "PniS3"?

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i didn't know that. thanks for setting me straight my man

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hot shots golf is going to sell like a beast in japan.

whats echodrome all about?

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why the hell was this approved. all it is some guy saying he thinks another guy is wrong. how the hell is that news.

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what the hell is so great about the DS

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That sucks. I have the ps3 version of cod4..not the 360 version. I was playing this afternoon and I didn't have any problems. Are you sure its a problem with the Fall Update and its not a problem on Infinity Ward's side or something?

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thats awesome..i could definitely use that. and what are you guys talking about with problems connecting to games? the longest i ever wait is a few seconds and then i'm in a game. the only thing i could complain about is the fact that i've gotten a few "Host Ended Game" or "Game Lobby Closed"...those get pretty annoying..but thats about it.

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i understand what your saying, but i completely disagree. true there are definitely some very annoying sony fans here, but i absolutely cannot stand the rabid 360 fanboys. you would think that an owner of a 360 would be content with the fact that they're system is doing well and that is has a great collection of games, yet they go out of there way to attack and bash the ps3 at any given moment - so i definitely disagree with your stance on the maturity level of 360 ow...

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your grasping at straws. as the guy above me said. software vs hardware are completely different. you talk as if firmware updates are a heinous act by sony.

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i agree sony should come out and give the actual data if it IS that impressive. but on the other hand..if i was in microsoft shoes and i knew of sony's policy not to release data...i would immediately come out and make a claim against their percentages. essentially this leads to a "he said, she said" type of argument.

4994d ago 2 agree1 disagreeView comment fanboys are now forcing people not to have their own opinions? how mature of you. everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to whether they like a game or not. to bash and attack a person because he likes a certain game is beyond stupidity. once again you guys have turned a harmless article into a meaningless attack. this is how you guys get your kicks huh? go ahead and rack this up with the rest of your "achievements". you guys have a very sad and pathetic life.

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