Not interested in dismissive, fanatical, brand loyalist comments....Just Gaming
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Keep the cost down...Keifer must have been pretty pricey. He is a great actor IMO ;)

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You and Fro are an you wanna ride the PS4 train after being negative in almost every Sony article before. Next you'll say you own all consoles, which I don't believe. It's Tragic, neither of you has any shame....LMAO ;/

...and whoyouwit04 ...please STFU!!

PS4 doing awesome numbers, X1 will do well also...but Sony have Gen8 in the bag! ;)

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It's sexist, and insulting to me as a Woman...and every man that objects must be Gay??? Lol Riiight! ..This trash belongs on the top shelf, has no place in gaming. It's not even done within context like a classy movie/TV show, just sexual gratification marketed squarely at little boys stuck in men's bodies! ..and yes 50 shades of grey is total sh*t & NO I don't want to see the male equivalent before some sad depraved bigot asks!

Defend your right to be a b...

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Oh No... EU has to wait a whole 3 days after N. America!!!!! This is Outrageous!!!!! s/

..But I'll take that Steel Book Edition thank you ;)

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I happen to agree with Septic, he should have remained more professional ..especially given how asinine some gamers can be!

@GCO Gamer

He did indeed go after Kotaku, and he gets Props from me just for that ;o)

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"Konami would never allow it"?!? LOL What, you think they own his AS# or something?? ....What a Dumb comment!!

Anyway, if he didn't receive death threats from mentally unstable gamers, then maybe MGS4 would have been 'his' last. ....A little research prior to commenting wouldn't go amiss ;/

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Is PlayStation Now Worth It?

..Is Netflix?, Is Amazon Video?, Is Your Mortgage?, Is Your Car Insurance?, Is Your Cellular Contract? etc

This Question is a Pointless Exercise ...because it's all RELATIVE.

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@Travis3708 "I hope That's Fake, Or I Won't Be Downloading This Month's PS+ Games"??!! ...LMAO, Oh Dang SOS!!! Now we're all in trouble. My Gosh, who do you really think you are? Why would you think anyone would care what you D/L? LOL

I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't help but comment to that. So many self entitled/self important asinine people use N4G ...LOL You and others like you are so totally hilarious dude ..too funny s/

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Let me make an educated guess...

Only if Sq.Enix shift enough copies of this HD Remaster, right?

The risk taking is so minimal this gen, everything is either licensed tosh, or sequel, prequel, sequel?! This isn't fantard rhetoric, but I'm pretty sure Sony are the only 'real' risk takers left in this industry, even if it costs them dearly ;(

MS are at least following Sony into the new IP thing for gen 8 though!

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So N. America/United Kingdom only territories Xbox One really thrives...

That's too bad ...but it won't stop me from enjoying the games. I totally wasn't sold on X1 until I got one as a gift last Thanks Giving, and I really like it. I also have PS4/Wii U & honestly IDC about resolution too much. Anything over 720p is an upgrade/improvement, and stable framerates matter most for me ;)

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Is there nothing for my X1 in 1st/2nd Qrt?. I got my X1 thanksgiving, and I'm done with the 5 games I got free. I really never cared for Halo, so 5 is lost on me...

What I want is Quantum Break, Fable legends, Rise of Tomb Raider & Forza 6 like yesterday! ...Dang!, it's gonna be a long summer until X1 exclusives arrive...and whatever hidden IP's Phil McCrackin' is holding back for E3/Gamescom ;/

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Okay, so yup these awesome engines are cool 'n stuff...but just show us something already Guerilla/Cambridge! ...I know, all in good time, but sometimes the end product cannot hope to reach the level of hype.

It's not even Sony over hyping either. It's game sites/media (no disrespect to DS/Abriael) over hyping games nobody has even seen or played yet. Maybe that's why some games seem so underwhelming or get average/low review scores upon release... way too muc...

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Leonard Nimoy a true Legend! ....My thoughts go out to the Nimoy Family. Rest In Peace Spock :)

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That's good news! Hopefully more Exclusives for PS4! Kaz is the Man! Phil MacCrakin' is the man too, but this is all about Kaz!

To the trolls that down vote me no matter what I type, grow up imbeciles! You MUST still be hurting real bad, probably 'cos I put you in your place! LoL

See, I test comment stuff that's universally agreed with in other posts, and still y'all down vote me. I know exactly who you are you sad little expletives.....Yo...

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Ooops! ....Maybe I'll forward my name for that List ;)

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I'll be investing in Fable Legends for sure! ...I'm glad MS is totally getting behind F2P and Cross Play. Xbox Live was such a closed system before, but seems they're changing for the better of gamers. :)

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If they have any sense ...No.

It's not that I don't want them to, but Nintendo are too strong in that market. Given Sony's delicate financial position, they really should concentrate on areas of strength before dipping their toes in the Portable/Mobile market again.

PS Vita is the technically better handheld available right now, but most people prefer the 3DS. I pretty much use my Vita for remote play nowadays. My 3DS gets way more 'actual'...

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That's some 'Sound Advice' ... and how can peoples opinions be wrong? Sure, some are just haters, hating just for the sake of hating, but those IMO, aren't really valid opinions.

But to say people are wrong for expressing an opinion (after the fact) is outrageous!! ...Just who do these self important people think they are? ;/

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Yup, I agree with your comment, DS4 Rocks! PS4 (IMO) is the cutest, prettiest, sleekest console in like forever, deserves front cover.

My personal favourite is PSOne, that's super cute, but my dad says it took years to get it that small ;)

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EA Access is good from a subjective point of view. But, on top of my paying for PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Netflix, (occasionally, Now TV/Amazon Video, depending on line up), then of course none of those work without paying for my Virgin Media Broadband Acc.

Then of course I must buy games, since I am a's all just a bit too much for me. At least Nintendo is not adding to my online access woes. Granted, I don't really have to have the Movie/TV access, but damn...

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