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PS3 is starved of good games, this is going to be bigger news than for 360 ,which has, what, like 20 AAA games by now??

Not to sound sh1tty, but it's a bigger deal to PS3 folk than 360 folk.

Also, had to say it..... 360 version is %1 better, so it must be the better version... right??? j/k

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both look exactly the same from these, even the lags are identical...

Kudos to infinity ward.
PS3 fans, be happy, your game plays as good as the 360.
360 fans, be happy, you get even more good stuff as far as achievements and online functionality/friends/invites etc..

I was in the Beta, funds are low so this'll have to be xmas for me, but, i couldn't believe the framerate and animations in the beta, it's saying a lot for PS3 to be running it this we...

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these were reviewed by TWO different people.
OF COURSE their scores aren't going to be the same, this can't be taken as .2 here, .2 there.. GAWD!!

THIS was NOT a comparison b/t the games. When gamespot or someone
compares the two with each other, then talk about that.

This is like comparing a 1up review with a IGN review or something, two different reviews!!! some of you are scary stupid... holy sh1t!

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oh god, another fanb1tch bringing up halo and 640p.

I have halo3 and never have any framerate problems, aside from a few hitches here and there, maybe 3 or 4 times in the WHOLE game, something tells me you haven't played it.

Also, if PS3 were to have Halo 3, i can guarantee you it would be even less than 640p, it wouldn't be able to handle 2 frame buffers of 640p EACH for HDR, it can barely handle HDR as it is. If you want some numbers i can post some up.

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yeah, but if the GPU has to access the ram that is not allocated to it, it comes at a performance penalty. There is no way if you take ram from the CPU, that b/c of the re-routing and latency, you get it for free for the GPU. IT's not like it's a straight shot for it to use CPU allocations, it's a windy road where things get lost along the way. Robbing Peter to pay Paul still leaves it broke poor, plus, the CPU could sure use it too.

Also, you must not quite understand the ...

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the game will not look like this. These pics are not representative. We already have a VERY good idea of what the game looks like, and that is very good...

These pics can't be considered any more than those sh1tty lost planet pics for PS3 a couple weeks ago which had all the girls panties in a bunch. Just like lost planet for PS3 will not look as sh1tty as those pics did, Mass effect will NOT look like these.

Why is stuff like this approved??? this blatant fa...

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they're just trying to get the thing to run on the "superior hardware".

are you serious??

some of you people are delusional..... it's crazy. Who said anything about upgrading or downgrading, they can't get games to run the same on PS3 when they start on 360. there is no upgrading, there is no downgrading, they're just crossing their fingers the damn thing runs....

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This is basically saying that the 360 can handle any PS3 game so why not start things on PS3? because obviously the reverse cannot be said (PS3 cannot handle every 360 game w/o cutting things out, or stuttering issues).

Why do people think they can spin this? This isn't putting PS3 in a good light in any way. It's almost like they feel sorry for it, so they'll develop on it first, so the more powerful system (360 or PC) can then accept the port.

I don't know...

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that to say a game runs smoothly on PS3 IS a compliment.

pretty sad really. I would hope it'd be a given, but considering PS3's track record,,, well,,, yay for it..

I doubt we'll hear comments about how it runs "smooth" on 360 when it comes out, it'll be a given....

have fun with that one..

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And this was all the exact stuff i heard also about the VR missions release and all. Back around the time Ron Workman posted his article and some more details came out a couple days later.

I think some Sony folks are going to be firing up the petitions. This isn't news guys, this has been around for a while, they just have to keep it hush for a certain amount of time to not step on Sony's toes with their deal which came first...

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love it, this some good stuff right here nah...

So, cmon guys, he does have a point, he's not the only person or dev to trash on the PS3. From all the delayed games, framerate issues and such, it's pretty obvious something is up w/ PS3. honestly.

that being said, and as a 360 guy (not fanboy mind you)... I think it's getting pretty old too. Obviously there are games that are running pretty damn well on it Though i don't have one, if they keep cranking out stuf...

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I'm going to give an honest, un-biased opinion on these.

GT CARS look better, you can tell there's not the jaggies that are on forza, and the car just looks so much smoother.


Forza, cmon folks, honestly, the TRACKS look much better with better detail and lighting on Forza. Jeez, take off the blinders.

some folks saying it's an insult to compare forza to GT, my god you're a retard. Forza held up WAY BETTER than i thought it w...

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b/c you just owned this thread of comments :-0

XBOX 360 software 3:1 over wii and PS3 combined... my god...
if software companies don't develop "game A" for the 360, it would be because they do not like money... I can't see too many of those "un-mentionable games" not making their way over to the green X...

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sorry no link though, but i can point you in the right direction.

It was in July 2007 issue of OXM magazine. It was on the freaking front cover "Unreal Tournament III, from the makers of Gears Of War" it says.

They played it on a 360 and gave a full preview, and if this is true, i guess all that work put into the 360 version was for nothing then.

SO, this leads me to.

This isn't true, and yes, 360 has no problem running U...

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giving out 10's or 5/5's or 100's to xbox 360 games.
Like EGM/1up, and gamepro, and ETC. ETC.

maybe it's because 360 has some good games??? naw, couldn't be.
This games gonna be on PS3 too, so unbunch the panties a little.

too bad it'll probably score lower though... like they all do.... tee hee...

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and the user should NEVER have to adjust ANYTHING on a console to
get it optimized to run properly for god's sake. That's the devs job. honestly.

If you want to be disabling, tweaking and what not, then why not play on a PC?

And this shows the problem behind PS3, not only the segmented memory, but more importantly the OS and systems footprint uses too much of what limited memory resources are available.

All i know is, to get games running...

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good work on the links,

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this is a funny story,
I think Gabe Newell is actually Comic Book guy, "worst console ever..."

So anyways, he does have a point, Sony have kinda alienated themselves in the whole development process b/c they've made it so that all their games in dev require their own seperate team, who take twice as long to put out a game that *hopefully* will be as good as the one who put out the PC/360 version. Doesn't make much sense if your a dev to even devote the team/m...

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wow, i didn't know it was that good.

I wonder if that attach rate is still at 6 or so... i bet not.
If i were a dev company, and i see the 360 making what the other 2 guys are making combined(ish), i know where my games are going, especially when it costs even less money than making them for one of those guys.

I'm sorry, but Sony is screwed. I used to be a playstation gamer, still like my PSP, but i could see the writing on the wall, and when Sony sent m...

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DJ says: "The 360 architecture has a lot of flaws and performance bottlenecks, which is why it barely matches the performance of last-year PCs from a CPU perspective. Bioshock however utilizes brand new shader technology that didn't exist back in 2004, tech that both the 360 and PS3 are capable of."

wow,, So, if the 360 were as bottlenecked as you say, then i'd bet it'd be the version that's delayed. But it's not, and, in the real world PS3 is actually bottlenecked ...

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