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I dunno, Lost planet is a game that i got same time as gears.
Gears, yes, during some cut scenes i remembered some dropped frames.

lost planet ran smooth the whole time.... I dunno.

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I loved my DC, hell i even suscribed to Seganet (which for dialup was actually pretty good for online gaming, low ping and all surprisingly)... anyways.

DC died for a reason, and those reasons are still out there today. SEGA just doesn't have the fortitude or resources they once did. They are a shadow of their former self in their heyday like late 80's and 90's.

Not gonna happen. They probably just opened the brand renewal filing b/c they'll make some more new...

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you just rock,, love it..

I can just hear your bot announcer voice saying all that. Your a little late on this one though.

I mean, i love my 360 and all, honestly it's the best console i've ever owned, but cmon...

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I don't think anything corporate could ever be as good as open source like XBMC...

First thing i did after i chipped my old xbox was XBMC, and updated/compiled every so often.

There was never a time that it wouldn't run whatever file i threw at it.
honestly a gen1 chipped xbox is pretty much the best media center you can get. Too bad it's not HD...

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you sir............. Get an agree.

My god how people can spin this is beyond me.... hmmm lemmy give it a try...

since 360 can run what the PS3 runs with no loss, which is not true the other way around, it must mean the PS3 is more powerful..

yeah, it must be...... gotta be..... stutter.....<<>?>& lt;<>>>SYNTAX ERROR IN LINE>>> KO)IK<l...........REBOOT> ;>> POST FAIL>>>>


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is this really a 360 game i'm seeing....

that does look DAMN good

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few things.

Wii always kicks, so i'm not even gonna bother.
PS3, i thought would be much higher and about the same as 360, but i guess it's still not really caught on yet. With the price drop/40gigger and all i expected a lot more.

360 keeps on trucking. BUT, it's obvious the Arcade is NOT the bulk of sales or what's spurring continued sales for it. Wanna know how i know?? pretty obvious, look at numbers 3 and 4 on the software sales.


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That it's not likely going to 360.

I think if you ask most 360 owners, they couldn't care less.

I have so many games to decide between and can only afford 2 right now, so, i really don't even think uncharted would be on my list anyways. It'd still be COD4 and ME...

360 has so many good games right now, i'm glad you PS3 folk get a good one now and then too.

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that people have had 3 RROD's and etc... how can it happen 3 TIMES?!! you gotta be doing something wrong if you've had more than 1.
I've had my ebay 360 for a year. I got it for cheap b/c it has minor issues, BUT, i take it out of my ent. center and lie it on the floor, not standing up, out in the open, fresh air,

AND, i've never even had 1 freeze or 1 DDE... So, what is it that makes some people get 3 RROD's, and i have a beater 360 which i baby, and never even a gl...

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since Sony folk claim HDMI is so much better, how would this further the PS3's cause in this respect?. I've heard that component can have better color also, but, then why HDMI if you can do 1080P over component?

SO, with 360 using an "inferior" (up for debate) interface, it still looks better??? I think PS3's backed into a corner, and i don't ever see it changing.

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I've heard the "software revenue surpassed wii and PS3 combined" so many times already too.

If stats like this don't grab more dev support, then devs don't like money. They'd be stupid not to make their games for 360, even with the user base the same as the wii, 360 still blows it out of the water in software sales...

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I love the comments, "that's funny, i have the PS3 version and it looks nothing like this, yada yada yada".. Thing is, if you had the 360 version, it'd look that much better. how would you know if you have nothing to compare it to, plus you're sitting some 10 feet away when you play it.

If you look up close on a side by side comparison, i'm pretty sure this is a good representation b/c ALL comparisons by MANY different sites look like this, PS3 is always washed out ...

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a game finally runs on the PS3 as good as the 360, a system which costs less, and was out a year before it... YAY... pat yourselves on the back boys...

I am done with Sony. OH, i'll believe it when i see it too. Can't wait for close-up texture comparisons....

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fwiw,, seems like the guy was honest.

I don't understand, honestly, seems like Sony got pissed and pressured them to change it. just my .02 b/c saying a big time title is almost choppy to the point of un-playable WILL ruffle some feathers.

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well they're certainly well on their way so far....
I just see the wii and 360 continuously out-selling it, and at this rate, it'd take the....

aww screw it. Doesn't hurt to think postitive eh?

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Breaking news.....

Toyota is more popular than Chevrolet in Japan..... OMG!!...

this would be a given.... wouldn't it??

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I hope someone sees our post amidst all the slinging.

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Know why.
BECAUSE THIS ARTICLE IS WRONG!!!!! and you fangirls ate it all up... Follow me here boys...

Too bad the 360 doesn't have a x86 based chip even IN THE THING!!!!

It has the same POWER PC core as the CELL!!! It uses three PPC cores, CELL uses one PPC core..... YAY!!!, SO, this guy is dead WRONG!!!!

also, distributed processing has yet to be proven useful at all for gaming, Cell is like Snow white and the seven dwarves in concept ...

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already canceled like 20 times?, or maybe it was the movie, but not with Jackson, or whatever b/c it happened so many times i can't keep track.

I'm betting that's what it is, it's just not in the cards for sh1t sake.

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what people fail to realize is that the 360 has the ability to decompress on the fly without it taking a hit on the CPU.

It's not like MS didn't account for the size of DVD, they just took a different approach.

Sony= massive storage, little thought to compression/decompression layout/architecture b/c obviously they don't need to.

MS= limited storage but nexgen games will eventually need more than currently available... SO emphasis placed on compres...

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