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nobody gives a flying fuck about mods

I live in a free country I can say whatever I want

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Xbox 360 2005-2010 during this time period was amazing, it was like the next gen ps2 imho, yes rrod sucked balls it happened to me 3 times but hey the games were fun, playing online was a blast, dlc was ok i guess and microtransactions? non existent.

After 2010 everything went south...

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ea is a cancer and it's rotting our industry, im not buying anything that has a ea logo in the box no matter who's the developer.

A true gamer knows this, the rest are ea sheeps and fanboys.

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those disagrees...looks like the xbox and greenberg fanboys are in full force today.
Yes the guy is pretty much a douchebag.

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The "art" of titanfall? this generic fps shooter, 70$ mp only, cod clone, ea's money printing machine, whatever.. is art?

Ok then

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This is EA's dream game, time to start milking our brain dead "gamers", sheeps.

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Read my comment again


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I played dayz like a mad man on PC and I hope the game releases on both consoles but something is telling me that microshaft will try to make an exclusive deal with Dean... if that happens shame on you rocket, shame on you

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And they still sell millions yes, exactly my point thank you.

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Unfortunately articles like this will be completely ignored by the majority of people here, or should i say sheep. They are too busy thinking about titanfall and battlefield while EA laughs at them.

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Since when people listen to EA?

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You're right, almost on par with flappy bird.

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Typical EA arrogant response, completely ignoring everything else...but there's a reason they behave the way they do

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This thing is not even a game... and it's a complete ripoff

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can someone explain me wtf is going on? is there some kind of virus in the air that turns people into retards?

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ffs stop with that 30/60fps crap

damn it

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keep fedding EA guys, keep pumping money into those assholes...

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I played minecraft in 2009 so your argument is invalid.

Terraria is nothing more than a mc clone in 2D.

Get your facts straight and yes notch can be a prick sometimes

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Of course it doesn't, gotta keep milking it right?

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