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U said it yourself that u would get downvotes and thats because your comment is a terrible idea. Dont put console games and cell phones together, ever.

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Id love to see a psp 3, yes isaid psp3 because the vita is the PSP 2 in disguise

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Thats what u think, well u are half right. Thing is sony and ms doesnt make money off of their a hardware. So keeping the price high when they do start seeing profits off of their consoles it'll be a big profits die to the high price.

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As it should be,it came out two years ago, but what usony fans needs to realize is how fast its selling, if it keeps on selling at this rate it will pass the ps4 in shorter time it took the ps4 to reach its current sales. The switch last time i checked is at 34 million in two years, wow. So in 4 years itll be 68+

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I just like to play games, i'm glad Nintendo isn't doing the same thing as the competition, that's what makes them stand out. I hate always online games, microtransactions. Nintendo gives u a complete game and at the and of the day they agree selling the most consoles and have the hottedt system right now so they must be doing something risky but oher than that they're online does suck i can admit that

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Not only that but digital streaming games with no harware is definately where its not at

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I see why u works say that butter the gba, the ds games, lament of innocence and last the 1st lord of shfows granted were great

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So u put goldeneye in front of perfect dark?

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Very true but it's about game's

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Well n4g is a sony fan site soni definitely dint believe ut. Microsoft been on a downward slope since the start of this gen so its cool to hate on xbox now a days and make up false accusations. Microsoft has the money to make sure it will be more powerful than thebps5 and i believe them. Both system basically use the same chip set almost down to a tee after all they went to the same company. In the end it doesnt matter which is powerful its all about games

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Actually it does, Microsoft can accustom their console tobe even better now.

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That's not smart on sony's part, now Microsoft now what they are working with and can adjust their console lol

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Ok lol so I guess everybody should get rid of their consoles and buy a pc then? Of course pc is better they both have their pros and cons. Most people don't care about mods, hi end graphics, upgrades and what not, most people just enjoy of the convenience of ease,plug and play, knowing that everything will work out of the box and people just want to chat and go where their friends are. Yes pc is custom and more powerful but a lot of people hardly has a high end pc that's only a little...

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Crackdown 3 was a flop lol your point was moot

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He pretty much trying to say consoles and AAA games are still selling in big numbers so why the rush to streaming. Will see what happens. Consoles over everything. I rather physical all my life. I love to own my games plus they are worth more . Money left me know how resale of a streaming game works for you. I think they should always be an option

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Yes sir, you're correct, you made a very strong point

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You made a a valid point, I guess it's a matter of when but as long as consoles are selling we're all good for now. I'm not happy with it mabye because i'm an old school gamer and I love physical hardware and software and they'll always be worth more. I think consoles will be around for as long as manufacturers want them to even if sales are strong just save a buck it's a matter of when? For God sakes the ps4 is at 91 million

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Consoles will be around as long as manufacturers want them to and people keep buying them. If cloud gaming and streaming would affect consoles it would've long time ago. The final nail in the coffin for consoles ould be whenever manufactures decided to pull the plug themselves regardless of how us gamers feel, pretty much shoving stream boxes down our throats. Anything to save a buck manufactures will pull the plug on consoles when they are ready. I think then I'll probably only play ...

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U see all the dislikes? Worst idea ever. I'm glad you dont make video games. Resident evil should stay how it always been, in 3rd person. You want first person go and play call of duty. Having bo campaign is scary lol

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Of course it's doing well, ita a great system, much better than the ps4 pro. I see a lot of dont fans in the comment section saying the x is still a failure lol really!? Who cares if ps4 sold more? People just support the consoles they like. I know a lot is don't fans that has an x sitting in their house right now. When xbox comes with their more powerful system in two years 2nd their first party studios start dropping hits I wonder what the sony fans will say then? The 360 outsold t...

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