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Seriously. They didn't ENTER the Brawl, they BUILT it.

And while it may allow for some of those series' characteristic styles, I doubt there will be anything in Brawl that's more than superficially related to those games.

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All right, I'll take it back even though DDR has jackalloffslut to do with the "epic" Rock Band which has been out less than a year. It is not a fad. It's an epidemic.

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Ness is in there. I can feel my smashballs

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This is a great game -- y'all should be rejoicing in your pants.

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I'll admit that it will very difficult for Nintendo to top the success they had in 2007, but as long as they continue to develop good games for the Wii and millions of people already OWN the system, they're not going anywhere. Maybe customers will be able to save money and just collect games by not having to buy a new system this year. Maybe they'll keep the Wii and be satisfied with all it has to offer. Well...not really. Customers can be pretty short-sighted, actually, and they waste mon...

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Ugh. I've never played these games, but with the final price tag now lingering around $200+ I think I'll have to pass this time and jump on some other fadwagon when it rolls around.

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I like how he actually answers things like "OMG yr gna make a new system, r'nt U?" and addresses the issue specifically, personally and professionally. Seems like a lot of other companies use all this evasive language to change the subject and leave us all a little stupider. Like another president I know.

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Wow, I didn't even know until now it was coming out on the Wii. This is all good news for me!

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What is that for like THIS month or even THIS year??

From the article:
"At this rate, we may very well see Sony take the portable gaming crown."

Yeah don't count on it, chick deese.

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Nice video!

Not the newest news, but great presentation and Smash footage. Can not god dammit wait for this game.

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A: Who cares? What, even if Microsoft goes bankrupt within the year, what, is that supposed to influence your choice on what console to buy? Or will you just not buy stock in them? This is news for mainly arsehoes who don't play, let alone enjoy video games.

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if your video games are lame
and you're playing them all the same
come to n4god d-ammit
you won't regret it
because they'll tell you that you suck all the same

yeah i know i rhymed same with same

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THAT truly sucks.

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No wait...

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I agree with this headline, and I didn't even read the article or one comment from any of you. Usually I don't defend either side in a war that should never be fought, but seriously -- if you want peace, and civil attitudes, and good times, and of course a hell of a lot of video games....

Well, I don't know what to tell you except that I'm not a hired droid by Nintendo. That is all. Maybe I'll read your comments later if I have doubts to my own happiness and need useless st...

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oh well, it's only been delayed to 1/31 in Japan. That's only two weeks and two days away. Guess it could be worse.

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Someone turning off people's TVs left and right is exactly 100% funny as that same person getting kicked in the grundle with a steel-toed boot for getting caught.

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It's stories like this that make me glad I don't do the online thing. I can just imagine being berated by 9-year-olds who think I'm a "gay nagger," imagine what my reaction would be to such a weird comment, and try not to let the architecture of my mind collapse upon itself.

Thank Frith that Smash Bros. will be voiceless

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Too bad EGM is crapwhore magazine. I'd rather collect 12 varyingly decorated toilet brushes. In fact, 12 toilet brushes with Smash fighters actually sounds pretty cool. Scrub my turd lingerings, Falcon!

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Nintendo doesn't give a good god damn about your stupid console war. And they're certainly not going to "make their move" on the warnings of peons like this article's hackstastic jingoist regurgitator.

War is over if you want it.

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