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The PS4 has had mouse and keyboard support since day one. M/K support has been supported on Sony Platforms since PS2, it is on the developers to allow it in their games.

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I think they list them off because they can only be played on one platform. With the games you listed, they all are playable on other platforms.

Xbox does have incredible games to play, but somone (for the most part) does not have to own a Xbox to play said Xbox games. Not that this is a bad thing! Im happy Microsoft has the ability to utilize both of its platforms.

But that is why people list off the games, Sony games a...

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Raiders of the Broken Planet will only support Windows 10/Xbox One and PlayStation 4/Steam crossplay at launch.

So no Xbox/playstation title makes it sound like it is. It is still the already known crossplay between console/pc.

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Or go to bestbuy and get this - http://www.bestbuy.com/site... -

It is currently 30 bucks in store.

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You do know Elite Dangerous is coming to PS4 right?

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@TankCrossing once we see the price and what is actually inside of the scorpio, we can make the argument of ppl not having a pc matching the hardware.

if the scorpio price is too high i would urge ppl to go out and build a pc rather than spend the money on the scorpio. You will have the same experience with Xbox live and all the games (minus halo but hey! e3 they could announce halo 6 for win 10!)

also it is super easy to make a pc (microATX) and place i...

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Well will add it to the "What everyone else is getting but me" list
10$ for pro
chance at 100$ voucher
20% off voucher in email (let alone the email itself)
10$ holiday

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I think he meant diversity in terms of exclusives

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While it was a cool experience, the ships handling was clunky and slow, and the "experience" is about 15-20 mins long.

lets hope they make something more with this, while it was neat it wasnt that hype.

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sooo he is bashing an old Kickstart that succeeded and is now over.....he must have really hated the game to go back and bash the kickstarter page....

of course there are going to be updates on the kickstarter...updates let the backers know whats going on..

im all for expressing your opinion, but to me it looks like this guy was looking for reasons to hate this game.

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Farm Simulator says hi

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Get your facts straight @MetalGearsofWar

- Farming Simulator 2017 releases this October. It already confirmed DAY 1 mods on PS4.
- Dont give me the "That game doesn't have real mods". A mod is a mod and this game has them day 1 on ps4.


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well Farming Simulator 2017 has mods confirmed for PS4 day one. so idk..

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Cant find the original article. But here is this one


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A guy has a video up atm. After the newest Firmware, up to 4TB HDD work with PS4.

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well its on The Wall Street Journal.. its more than likely going to happen


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can you trust the Wall Street Journal? http://www.wsj.com/articles...

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except they already stated there will be a bundled version of the PS VR in USA

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didn't this happen like 2 weeks ago?

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how did you get them to check?

i know i have had it since day one, but im not sure if there was a time my subscription ended and i didnt resub right away.

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