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I'll be playing KZ, thank you very much.

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I hope they revert back to KZ2 style of playing, that feel of a heavy gun in your hands and the tutorial that was straight in the action, get away from this COD light weight crap.

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Uhhhh..........No they didnt.

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Sooooo, this will work with my GS4?

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Only gaming nerds can blow this up to moumental proportions. Mountain out of mole hill comes to mind.

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Yor comment just shows me that you are all about graphics, FPS and no gameplay.

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So no TLG then?

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You are kidding right? But then again I suppose it cant hurt being a half glass full kind of person.

Let me just ask you this, why did MS have to turn every thing around? Because the consumers thought there was something wrong (and we all know what that was), now if MS turned around on what they believed to be right, dont you think there is still something wrong? all this shows me is that MS has no trust in their own system.

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Do you also get guys telling you that they are going to impregnate you and then let you have a late term abortion?...............Intere sting.

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"This sort of harassment isn't uncommon on Xbox Live—Microsoft's gaming platform is well-known for having a large swath of immature users, to the point where the Xbox team built an entire system called Reputation in an attempt to improve things for their next console, the Xbox One."

Point proven.

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According to VG247, Sony announced in 2012 that the PS3 has passed the 5mil mark predicting that the PS3 will fall just short of the 6mil mark by Jan 2013. Jump to June/July 2013 MS announces that the xbox passes the 8mil mark, well the math is quite simple from hear on in, not to mention the fact that the xbox had a years head start.

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"Kinect is core to there vision" which means hardcore gamers arent, and since E3, MS's vision has changed several times. Mark my words this first delay is just the beginning.

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Firstly, the gap between the PS3 and the 360 in the UK is closer to 1 mil than your so-called 3mil but nice try.

" PS3 only is selling a couple thousand more units per month."

Well, at least you admit the PS3 is dominating at the moment.

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PS3 will take the No. 1 spot over the next few months because the 360 has nothing left to release(by that I mean quality) other than multiplats and with a strong PS3 exclusive release around the corner its a no brainer, denying it is foolish.

I also think it is very ironic that a fanboy tells me to stop being a fanboy........Silly stuff I tell you. ;)

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You mean to say "it has no equal"!

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The UK is far from being an xbox stronghold.

Fact is you need to do some research before making silly comments. Selling at 1.5 to 1 hardly makes the UK a stronghold and the fact is that the trend of the PS3 outselling the 360 will continue with games like Beyond and GT6 soon to be released.

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I cant think of any except maybe Star Craft.

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The bootom line is, MS saw it was getting a$$ handed to it by Sony, the question now is why do people still believe in the xbox one when MS does not believe in it them selves.

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Great strategy MS, making poeple belive that you are actually loosing real money by including the head-set, seriously, MS is full of crap, they actually believe people are stupid enough to not think that those head-sets costs them almost next to nothing to include to Xbox. The strtegy is in this that making people feel that they getting somthing for free, what do you think is going to happen.

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Dont need any reason, keeping them regardless.

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