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Screw that, what is with you people wanting Nintendo dump the Wii U so quickly? It's crazy.

Only with the Wii U do you see this kind of dumb talk. You never see Xbox One fans or PS4 fans sitting around wishing they could already replace their consoles, or how they want a upgraded version so soon.

I for one won't be buying another Nintendo console if they seriously do anything of the sort and just abandon the Wii U. I d...

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Seriously, why is this still floating around? Did we really need to dissect this? All one needed to do was drag and drop the image in Google's image search and bam, you would have found out this was fake in an instant.

It is a two month old mock up from September and we really need to dissect it to prove it is fake? What are these journalist doing? Do they research anything before hand.

Well done on making it that hard on yourself, when it only took me a ...

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I give it until the time I'm dead and long after, that people still don't realize this war is completely imaginary.

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I'm sorry, but this amuses the hell out of me. It is like living in a time loop. CoD has the same problems every single time and you people still insist on buying the game, supporting Activision's bullshit.

Humanities intelligence at its finest. You'd think you would learn by now.

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Pro Tip: You keep paying for shit, you'll keep on getting nothing but shit.

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Can someone tell me where Abash got that quote? I mean trust me, it wouldn't surprise with the moronic things Reggie has said in the past that he did say that, but I can't find anything related to what Abash is saying?

Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, so could someone kindly point me in the direction of this quote?

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I'm sorry but how can anyone like Reggie when he constantly says really stupid things like this?

I'm so sick of tired of Reggie's high and mighty attitude, like every single thing Nintendo does is perfect and has been perfect, because that is far from the truth. I own every console and I love my Wii U and the games I have gotten for it, but seriously this is such a low blow.

While Sony and Microsoft pay respects to Nintendo all the time, you have ...

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There are just as many cases with people that have NNID's, who weren't able to get their games back or only some of them.

Be my guest to look it up.

The problem with even trying to say games aren't tied to the system, is that the games basically are still tied to the system, because your NNID is tied to the console, so honestly nothing changed really besides NNID merging 3DS and Wii U funds. You still have to transfer the NNID in the same manner a...

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Welcome to the world of the PS Vita.

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It's a handheld version of Smash Bros.

I don't know what more people expect out of the game, especially given the 3DS's hardware. Sure it doesn't have the same content as the Wii U version and it has slightly worse controls for a game like this, but the core gameplay experience is exactly the same between both versions of the game.

Which in my opinion is all that matters, I don't play Smash Bros. for all the little mini games.

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I just meant it is typical of fast food restaurants to advertise something that looks nothing like you'll get when you order it. I'm not saying they look like McDonald's toys.

Also, that is kind of my entire point of making the blog, why make them higher quality at first only to downgrade the quality later on? They are still using the high quality figures to sell them, if they don't look like your advertising them as, then don't show them like that, is wha...

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All the people disagreeing saying the final designs look the same... I hate to break it to you but get your eyes checked.

Look at peach now and try to say they still look the same. Look at her face, the quality of the plastic, even look at the gold on her dress that is embedded in the old figure, now that gold is just flat paint and it isn't embedded into the d...

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I think Nintendo would be better off not releasing character DLC for this but instead, keep adding characters that you can get by having both versions. Instead of just selling DLC, they can make more money by making people want to buy the other version of the game just to get more content.

It would really push a lot of 3DS users to feel like they need a Wii U now or vice versa for Wii U owners who don't have a 3DS.

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Seriously, if they are going to downgrade the designs like this. I'll pass. Kind of bullshit they are even cheapening the designs like this after they showed ones of much higher quality. Even more bullshit when I think about all the people who have pre-ordered these for their initial designs, only to see they aren't the same later on...

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Wow what did they do to Link, it looked so much better before, the detail is clearly not the same and who's brilliant idea was it to put the stand in front of the figure?

Sucks cause that is the one I wanted the most, but it looks really cheap now.

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I'm sorry but that is completely absurd if you think the new 3DS is a big leap, but the PS4 and Xbox One weren't.

Your perspective on how PS4 and Xbox One games look or how creative you think they are is purely your opinion, we're talking about hardware here though, not your taste in video games. Are we not?

The 3DS has always been close to as powerful as the Wii, this is nothing new there, so is it really surp...

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I laugh so hard every time you people try to claim what Bungie has, do you even know what MMO means? RPG aspects have nothing to do with an MMO or what it is.

By the exact definition of what an MMO is, Destiny is an MMO. So get over it already.

You don't have to play with every person in the damn game for it to be an MMO. What is more stupid is you literally just said it yourself, an MMO is a massively multiplayer online game. A MMO is determined by the n...

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I wouldn't say this is a huge step. More like a half step. The hardware wasn't upgraded that much for it to be huge.

PS4 or Xbox One, that is a huge upgrade in terms of what their predecessors had before.

3DS to New 3DS, not so much in that case. Not hating either, but realistically the hardware hasn't changed enough for it to be a huge step. This New 3DS still isn't even as powerful as the PS Vita, so I can't see it that way.

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How about some actual comparisons between how it actually runs games, if there are any improvements in games that normally ran a bit slow on the 3DS before, to see if they run better now on the New 3DS.

Like Resident Evil or Pokemon X/Y, they suffer from some severe frame drops at times. It would be nice to know if this New 3DS improves on the actual performance with some of these games.

How about online as well? Does this new 3DS play games smoother online?...

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Well I hate to break it to you, but this only works with Smash Bros.

Stupid, I know. It killed the excitement many had for using this with other games, many people are not buying it now. No sense in buying a controller that works with only one game, although if your into Smash Bros. that much, you would probably buy it anyway.

I'll be fine with the gamepad or pro controller. A missed opportunity on Nintendo's part, they could've made a nice chunk ...

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