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Everytime i read an incredible stupid comment on N4G, there is a high chance that it's a comment by you. It's getting comical.

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I think he is talking about Battlefield 1 tanker being able to heal the tank from inside and those instant repair abilities that some of the tanks have in BF1. Which are bullshit and kill a good chunk of team work in BF1. While i think both BF3 and BF4 were great games, i think BF1 was pretty bad. I just can't stand those bullet spread mechanics that make shooting weapons too random and not satisfying. Over all i think BF1 is a simplified version of Battlefield formula and as a long time ...

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Good lucl finding out. You can search for an answer for your whole lifz.

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Exactly. Bethesda did show very little of the game before launch, so i bought F4 because i loved 3 and New Vegas. I could have never known how toned down all the RPG elements were or how shitty the quest design was. I have very little hope for a good Bethesda Fallout RPG in the future.

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You have to build the game for competitive gaming in mind, not having it as an after thought. Try making skill based shooting mechanics and vehicles, before trying to be a competitive game. BF1 is the most casual Battlefield to date and they are trying to shoe horn it to an e-sport. Even BF4 would be a better candidate.

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The learning curve is pretty insane, but in a way it's also the reason why (atleast for me) the game has stayed fresh. But it takes like 100 hours just learn all the maps some what, then 100 hours to start understanding how to defend/attack every bomb site on every map. And even then you will find new defence strats that you've never seen before. Destructible and complicated maps, with loads of different operators is just an endless pool of entertainment. Every round is truly a differ...

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60ish percent of PC players play through Uplay so they don't show on steamcharts. And if you compare Siege numbers to CS:GO numbers when CS:GO was released, they both have pretty similar growth. While i think Siege will never reach current CS:GO numbers, you really can't deny that Siege has had a steady growth. Next season the devs are taking Siege into a more competitive route with some of the changes (Ranked will have pro league map pool etc.), so i'm interested to see how far S...

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Modern betas are just demos labeled as betas, so they have an excuse if shit hits the fan. Compare modern alphas and betas to for example Bad Company 2's alpha and beta. Alpha was almost a year before release and beta was like 6 months before release. And they lasted like a month each. In that time you can collect a ton of feedback and have time to make changes in the game.

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I have played both Overwatch and Lawbreakers beta. I really can't understand why people compare them with each other. Gameplay wise they are completely different games.

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People here are even more stupid than i previously thought. They can't even read articles.

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I really don't understand these kind of skill trees. I mean what's the point. IMO skill trees should mould your character into something in the end. You are good at something and bad at something. Or you don't shine on anything but are jack of all traits. Also these trees are paper thin. Maybe 1/4 of the skills are actually desirable and rest are useless junk that you open randomly after you've had everything worthwile unlocked.

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I was excited for this until i saw the multiplayer footage. Every gun has zero recoil. CoD 4 did not have a ton of recoil, but it had enough to make every gun feel different to use and made full auto sprays harder to do when shooting longer distance. Call of Duty has gone so overly casual that i think i will never go back to playing them. Oh well, there are multiple better FPS games around anyway.

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Shitty marketing i would say. I follow game related stuff everyday, yet i didn't know there was an open beta going on until the last day. Seemed like a pretty fun game, but there are some horrible balance issues.

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They already explained why it's only coming to PC and PS first. They are a small studio and they don't have manpower to make multiple versions at the same time.

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I honestly think Vanquish was the best pure 3rd person shooter last gen (all about gameplay). When you played the harder difficulties and found combos like slide to melee triggered the slo-mo jump into the air etc. was just so much fun.

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I've finished only one game since december because i started playing Siege back then. Everyday at work i only think about playing Siege, new strats for different ops on different maps etc. I'm so glad i gave it a chance a year after the release.

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Trust yourself. I've been playing Prey and i don't agree with most of the critic scores with it. I agree more with Steam user reviews that has given it 89% positive reviews and people understanding what kind of game Prey is.

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Fear the old blood!

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And add recoil to weapons again. Weapons with zero recoil are so boring to use and everything feels the same.

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What the hell are you talking about? Why people should be concerned about Bethesda Game Studios glitchy reputation, when we are talking about Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks (publisher). Bethesda Game Studios don't have anything to do with this game.

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