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I get the point and I'm saying it leads to more frustration and more entitled gamers being whiny about why "muh gamyz" aren't taken seriously that leads us into a vicious cycle.

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These are naive daydreams. "Recognition" is attributed to supply and demand and the size of the market not how good you think an individual game is.

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I never said they weren't, but fans (and this ignorant of a creator in the title) think CDPR are entitled to gratitude when it's the other way around. CDPR shows respect and gratitude, but the entitled and immature fans of the video game series don't.

Yeah he was probably proke and needed the money asap, for someone so talented to be broke it can be very frustrating so he thought I need to feed my family now... or something to that effect. All gamers took from ...

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The creator of 2033 is an ignorant moron.

I really hate how childish gamers are acting here. "He dissed muh gaymz he must rot in hell I am to be taken sirius gamers are not silly kids >:("

As long as the Witcher is called the Witcher, as long as it uses the lore of those books, the author doesn't get to be "ungrateful", it's the studio's duty to show gratitude.

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Most posts here show how immature and insecure gamers usually are. "he dissed muh gamez" = "games are serious business say anything about it and we shall hyperventilate in unison!!1!"

OT: Many people claim the books wouldn't be popular without the games, but the games would not exist without the books. I like them both. And CDPR must like them too, and think they're good, otherwise they would not adapt it. Hating on something out of wounded pride won...

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I actually dislike this approach too. It's half-assed. Linear with a great story or open world with good immersion. Don't compromise both to have neither.

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@Fanatic, to each his own, but to me, FF12 was the only good game. The previous ones were so god-awful I couldn't get into them.

It was all grind, grind, grind. I get that gamers back then had much lower standards so anything with a little story was like sliced bread, but to me, even if someone managed to convince me the story is Breaking Bad-level, I'd probably just watch a cutscene compilation on youtube or even read a transcript. But I would never put myself thr...

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Well given the vicious prosecution that follows such reviews who can blame them? Anyone who posts his honest opinion might be out of a job.

Look, we all know SSM is awesome, and they have good production ethics, but the creative decisions on this game were under par, and to some, it felt like the DmC of our favorite series.

I was waiting for a Norse mythology as much as the next guy. We were all speculating this back in 2008, even before GoW3, right afte...

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I’ve criticized this game a lot but no DLC is a sign of respect. DLCs are cancerous milking machines that should die away. It’s half-assed and uninteresting non-canon.

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to be honest GoW3 looks better than a 2018 PC game but it's all subjective.

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PC Master Race, except Kratos is above Gods.

Sorry that was Old Norse, let me translate:

PC play checkers but Kratos out there playing chess

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Most reviewers were bullied into giving the game 10s anyway. Look around, any review below x gets discredited as clickbait. ironically makes the 10s the most dishonest and questionable scores REGARDLESS of what game it concerns. If GoW were indeed that good, you wouldn't need to scare reviewers into a 95% metascore in the first place. This is not a GoW thing, but generally all hyped games with a large fanbase get this treatment. Rockstar and Naughty Dog (I'm scared that Sony fans wil...

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I much prefer the Anniversary trilogy to any of these games and the games they're trying to mimic (chiefly Uncharted)

Which are adventureless, sub-par shooters with laughable, press-jump-to-proceed platforming.

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"Kratos is in another setting far from Greece."
Yeah the problem's not the new setting, it's the new atmosphere with Nathan Drake/Thor Ragnarok's style of comedy, you know, bad and misplaced.

"He isn’t the angry god anymore that kills everything."
yeah fun fact: he wasn't angry in previous games either. All those "anger memes" are referring to him after killing the sisters of fate and wanting revenge on Zeus, s...

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first off to me they're 3 since I don't care about the PSP games or ascension given the inconsistencies. I don't consider them canon.

Second of all, who said Kratos didn't have growth? Yes, he's always displayed a somber mood (which makes fucking sense for this particular game) but he's shown an array of emotions that fit well within that mood while reflecting his development.

Fun facts:
1) ...

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What shitty character growth are you talking about? "On the road to becoming a Nathan Drake?"

So the guy makes some funny sounds after drinking wine from Lemnos. That's no growth. That's just shock value after a decade of him being on the down side. Without the previous games, it wouldn't have meant jack shit.

Kratos actng sad? Showing emotions? Also in previous God of War games. Only the better pacing and writing made them more effe...

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I prefer the goatee but a beard isn't too bad either. Overall his design is one of the few things still faithful to the original trilogy

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Yes. Other than the graphics this game is turning out to be everything a sell-out represents.

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This is one of the things I feared, another way a classy game has been turned into a crowd-pleasing generic product, now they try to appeal to fans of the mediocre

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@Goldby not really. Maybe you can't but I can.

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