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gddr3 =/= ddr3

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He's being contradictory. He says he wants new IPs, but lists multiplats as system sellers. At the same time says Soul Sacrifice is not a System seller.

You say Gravity Rush is a system seller, but is it a system seller to Logicswins? I mean he did say Soul Sacrifice is not a system seller, in such a case, is Gravity Rush a system seller?

Just read that Ragnarok Odeseey shipped some 250k copies across Japan, Asi...

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"Right. Why the hell would I spend 250 bucks to play something I can already get on a console I already own?" -LOGICWINS

"^^Either way, Sly Cooper, Persona 4, LBP Vita, and Soul Sacrifice are NOT system sellers. They just aren't.

GTA is a system seller. Battlefield is a system seller. Monster Hunter is a system seller." -LOGICWINS

So which is it?

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So Battlefield is a system seller and COD is not? Which is released, and I know the game has crap ratings....

Which means only naming these games (GTA, Battlefield, MonHun) does not equal a system sellers or even a good game, because lets be honest COD should be system seller.

And why are Sly Cooper, Person 4 Golden, LBP Vita and Soul Sacrifice not system sellers? I know some people who bought PSV just for Person 4 Golden.

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That's why Forza 3/4, Halo 4, Mass Effect 2/3,L.A. Noire, AC3, etc etc are all multi-disc

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1) Car manufacturer earn a lot of money per car sold.

2) Cars gets damage, needs to get fine tuned, oil change etc. Manufacturer have their own service/garage to earn more money.

3)It is not often people sell their cars a few months after they get it. Where one copy of a game can go through tens of people.

Not only that there are piracy, where as a car you can't duplicate.

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Didnt the xbox 360 launch in white? lol

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Im pretty sure vgc is calculating from the launch of Japan's Dec. 2011 sales.

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Lol PSP games were $50

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The memory stick pro duo was $100 for 1gb, then a year or so later you could get 4gb for $100 (I bought it when it was on sale for $100), now they are dirt cheap.

And most phones/tablets cost $100 to go from 16gb to 32gb or even from 8gb to 16gb...

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The mom asked for the new Wii, didnt ask for Wii U.

It happens.

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And where can you get the WHOLE MGS SERIES? Only on Playstation

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I can see that too.. lol

At Store
Mom: Can I get the new Wii?
Store Rep: You want the new Wii Mini that just released?
Mom not knowing any better answers: Yes.
Christmas Day
Kid starts opening present full of joy.
After opening...
tears starts to erupt. And no, not tears of joy.

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would the code even work for non UK accounts?

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it's 1.3gb

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The PSV has party chat. ;) No PSN update needed for party chat, it's all in the software on the device.

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And I put in 100 hrs in Ragnarok Odyssey =/

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That is full of non-sense...

1) You say the PS3 is crazy high price, then in the last section you say how MS and Sony "+ or - same console sold". Yea the PS3 sold the same amount as the 360 with a HIGHER price point and at 1 year later too.

2)Sony made profit from the ps3 hardware since 2010. They also make money from games, PS Store, PS Home, and blu-rays.

3) Sony high-end tvs still has one of the best pictures out there.

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You know what?, I want Noctis....

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Isn't that like most fighting games though?

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