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I think I'll get this, yeah. I buy most Lord of the Rings games, even though Warner Bros and EA have let me down over the last couple of years (Conquest, War in the North).

Why is it so hard to make a great LotR game this generation? I mean you have rich source material, and multiple races/classes readily available... should be a no brainer.

But the Lego games are pretty cool overall, and LotR would fit well into that mold.

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Is the PlayStation division profitable now? Cool, I didn't know that had changed.

I remember a stockholder meeting from like 2 years back, where they told stockholders they hoped to be profitable by like 2013 or something... and I was like sheesh, come on guys, at least set your hopes on an earlier date!

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I own around 54 Xbox 360 games, all of which are pretty fun and well received. 3 out of 54 of those are Halo games. And I have never purchased a CoD map pack nor will I ever.

So remind me again, how is 360 topping the console sales-chart bad for me? And how am I suffering for lack of games?

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My roomate is from Malaysia, it's not as backwards as you seem to think. They have Americans traveling there quite often for medical procedures, apparently. Because they have such a high success rate and lower malpractice insurance rates, so you can get the same procedure done with better quality and less money.

And to make this comment relate to the story... not surprised by the numbers, I bet it sells better in Malaysia too.

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PS3 had better hardware, yes, but that doesn't mean it's the better console.

With the huge lead in sales Xbox had in the early part of the generation, people with both got used to getting their multiplayer games on 360 to be able to play with more people. Multiplatform games still usually do better on 360 that I've seen, especially multiplayer ones like 360.

PS3 has more exclusives and generally more GOOD exclusives, but I'd argue that those g...

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Ok... doesn't the $99 plan include Xbox Live Gold, as well as access to some of the other premium monthly features like Hulu Plus and such? From what I read I thought that was the case.

If it includes things like Hulu, Netflix, etc., it actually would be a bit of a discount over time for those who plan to use those things. And the $99 plan was being targeted at more casual people looking to use this as their entertainment hub.

If I'm wrong, then yes i...

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Cool to hear.

But can they make that Firefox instead of Explorer 9? I still detest Explorer...

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If you have an accent, like my Korean friend from college, Soul would actually out as "so." And I could see Sacrifice, shortened to sack, sounding like "suck."

Maybe that's what Inafune is referring to? That the english title when pronounced by someone with an accent sounds like something else? I could see that being a problem, if that was the case.

I mean... Pac-Man was originally supposed to be Puc-Man. But they changed it, because t...

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If they made the new Monkey Ball games better, they wouldn't have to resort to such weird advertising methods.

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You'd think that they'd have learned from MW2's problems last year, but I guess not.

Come on guys. Get with it.

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I'm still kind of sad about that one... as excited as I am for the new CoD, I really wanted to get a new multiplayer experience from a different dev that was the same or higher quality level.

Also, I wish someone besides Activision were making the top multiplayer shooter these days. It kind of pains me to put $80 in Bobby Kotick's pocket.

I like EA better, so maybe I'll give Bad Company 2:Vietnam a try once the CoD rush is over.

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It better be! Yeah this looks like the year that Treyarch finally meets the expectations.

I actually pre-ordered a Treyarch game O_o

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I think Microsoft WILL be next, so I'll agree with you there. But I also agree with the article, Nintendo SHOULD be next.

I've been expecting Microsoft to come out with a new Xbox for the last 2 E3's, and I'll be surprised if we don't at least hear rumors of it next summer. Their current system has the most baggage associated with it, so moving to a new system could be useful from a marketing standpoint. I think Microsoft is itching to move to a new consol...

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Eh, I don't think financial reasons will be what pushes Sony.

If you know the financial stuff behind consoles, the manufacturers actually lose quite a lot of money on them. Even if you don't count research & development costs, most consoles these days sell for less than it costs to produce and ship them.

The whole point of consoles, from a business standpoint, are for them to take off and start selling a ton of software, peripherals and subscripti...

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Yeah... the online achievements often mask a poorly-done multiplayer mode. Since it doesn't seem like the multiplayer can compete on an even stance with CoD/Halo/TF2/MAG they just make tons of achievement points tied to it, forcing people to play it.

Then their user numbers look good, and people played longer so it feels like they got more "replay value" out of the game.

MW2 was confident enough that people would like the online that not a singl...

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I hate it when I pick up an older game, and find that there are only a couple dozen users online anymore, and they are the hardcore fanatics that have been playing since day 1 and have won all of the tournaments and stuff.

It's not that it's "too dificult" or "takes too long," it's that it's unfair. A lot of older racing games are like this, and less popular shooters can be the same way. With only 20 people online, you play the same damn gu...

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I haven't seen hardly any boosting MW2, but then I started playing online a couple months after release (so maybe it was worse in the early days).

But I have to agree, most online achievements only create problems for team-based games. There are certainly exceptions, and I think most of Bungie's (like attain a certain rank) are fine. If they are just rank-based or skill-based (like earn an overkill) they seem to only encourage people to do well.

But t...

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Their current console is, from a hardware standpoint, the most technically inferior of the bunch. Which means they'll need to upgrade to a stronger system with higher capabilities first.

Also, the Wii's two strongest points were it's lower price tag and unique control scheme. Both those points are becoming less and less relevant as Microsoft/Sony drop prices and introduce new controllers.

If you don't have unique features, and have weaker hard...

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If you read the article, there's a disclaimer at the end that if anyone can do it, Rocksteady can.

But using the traditional formula of today's coop games, I don't think it would help.

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I love quirky features like this. They're clever and entertaining.

I think Lionwhite and Rufus should be featured higher up, otherwise a solid list. #1 was an odd pick as well...

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