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it doesnt have mmo elements, it has rpg elements...know the difference

the only place in destiny where it comes close to being an mmo is at the tower and even then you cant even talk/text ppl (yet) and there isnt a "massive" amount of players allowed (only 16 at a time i think)

EDIT: let me elaborate, MMO stands for "massive multiplayer online" its any type of game that allows a lot of players to be playing at the same time. currently, mo...

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it would prolly help if he showed us that both brightness levels were the same

EDIT: anyone else annoyed at the fact that he doesnt go fro crit headshots? wasting ammo bothers me lol

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"It might not have been a mistake.

I think stores are having problems selling them so they are marking down the price as incentive for buyers."

this is a conspiracy may not have come out and directly said it was all a conspiracy, but you described why it might not have been a mistake in the first place, thus it was all part of the plan...aka the conspiracy

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not completely true, i think the problem is the 3 player (and possibly 6 player in later levels) fireteam do have to work together partially and coordinate when players are down to revive or stay alive

this also brings up another problem in terms of "events"...bungie limited chatting within fireteams, which means during "events" you cant even properly coordinate with the players...thats why it seems like its just every constantly shooting unti...

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if you read the article it was for a rayman legends bundled 500gb xbox one...OBVIOUSLY the mistake was that the rayman legends stand alone game was supposed to be priced at $45, not some sort of conspiracy to get rid of xbox one consoles

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agreed, the way they are doing the multiplayer playlists is how they SHOULD be doing the playlist...and when i saw the team slayer playlist and all its maps...OH EM GEE!!!

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halo 2 anni multiplayer playable at rtx

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why did you separate each of 1-4 from mcc into a separate title when its all shipping on one disc just to pad the list? and if you want to grasp at straws, do we need to do the same with killzone and god of war titles to make a comparison?

the mcc and the tv series are fan service...they dont rely on halo, it just helps

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and thats why there was no "shock" factor...if ntkrnl didnt post those leaks, the halo master cheif collection alone would have been a megaton cause ppl would have only expected either halo 2 anni and/or halo 5 guardians announcement...not the whole 1-4 series for xbone

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@devwan - is that the type of math you learned from n4g? Feb is 4 weeks, this statement is true, 4x7=28 but since when did march become a full 5 weeks? 5x7=35

Ill use gribblegrungers numbers below with updated actual math applied
Feb: 258k/28 days = 9.21k/day sold
Mar: 311k/31 days = 10.03k/day sold

I wont completely help you out and will test your common which month did xbox ACTUALLY sell more consoles?

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@hqgamez - oh em gee...thats around 40 or so seconds longer than i not getting an xbone for sure, what a dealbreaker

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heres what you guys dont get about the 360 controller, sure the analog/joysticks are off set, but it puts thumbs on where its comfortable for main inputs...the left on the thumbstick and the right for the buttons...the right thumbstick is secondary feature just for aim/look, but action for the right thumb is more focused

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yea, spotify and pandora instead only work for inside USA and a couple other countries...even your neighbors to the north cant use those

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was it 40 innovations or 40 changes? cause i think they said changes, and some of the changes they were talking about were things like spacing and button sizes...not all of them were features

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so 360 > 4?

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lovable - using floppy disc is as your example of blurays being needed is illogical...2-4 dvds wasnt a big problem, and which ps3 game used up enough of a blurays space for it to be something of necessity rather than superfluity

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how about backwords compatability from the original fat ps3 and not allowing it for newer iterations, or the usb/memory slots...or even going on record denying that a ps3 slim was coming out when there was rumors, only to have the actual product come out a month or 2 later

no_more_heroes has it cant trust ANY big corporation, pointing fingers solely on MS is just being an ignorant fanboy

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so in essence, it took them 7 years to apologize

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Blu ray wasnt NEEDED, it was just HELPFUL because it took care of multiple discs (which isnt that big of a deal). Fun fact: blu ray discs are just a storage medium, it in no way shape or form does anything to change gameplay.

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@angeljuice - sony missed that memo considering they are making a gt movie...a nfs movie i understood, cause that arcade racer already had some sort of story in each game, but for a racing sim like the gt series, i never saw any possible story and yet here they are trying to make a movie out of it

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