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this is what happens when you play games every year from the same devs, familiarity kicks in and you cannot enjoy the new ones to the fullest. I did buy hardline or Battlefront, maybe even this I wont buy. Some thing about games is too safe too similar, very unsatisfactory and unsurprising.

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How surprising.

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I dont think anyone is denying that, Thats why PSVR is the economical option.

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The first paragraph on their about page confirms it.

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Not here, not now.

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Probably gamingbolt.

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I like this, looks really impressive.

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Duh, gamingbolt always coming up with the obvious, they know as soon you mention "Scorpio" "6TFLOPs" "Neo" people go mental.

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The best reviewer i can recommend, this should help.

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Battlefield went for WW1 setting, its not WW1 game if you get my meaning, you should play VERDUN, a good ftp shooter, Its more of a ww1 game.

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every-time Aisha Tyler says something i find my turning into Archer

"Shut-up LANA"

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I cannot wait for state of decay, I sunk too many hours in the first one.

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WWZ the game, this is awesome.

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I noticed this too, I'm not sure what the affects are going to be, but if they happened to eat into each other BF1 will win.

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Looks like the mechs are more agile now.
" there's only two collector's editions? isn't that like 5 to little" -Ubisoft

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this here, this was awesome.

Only that disappointed me was the different release dates.

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they always find a way to f*ck it up
it is probably in the blood
soon people will just give it up
probably because their fed-up
no wonder vivendi's buying up
any kind shares ubisoft
has put out there for us to eat-up

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I wanna see the collectors edition.

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