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I refused to order the offical Sony headset when the mic wasn't so good. I just don't get why the mic of all things is an afterthought on don't otherwise perfect headsets meant for talking to people with

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Finally! I think I'll order the steelseries headset I've been wanting now. The one that can be connected to both PS5 and PC so I don't have to plug it in every time I switch

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Which, out of any video game, Halo was once the absolute most well known game and was so massively popular. It only declined because Bungie left and MS couldn't manage it. With a big budget on their TV show they mismanaged that too. It had so much potential and would have easily done well because of the huge name. Imagine a goliath like Halo becoming less popular than a single player story driven game. It wasn't because TLoU was Halo's competition, it wa...

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You're really gonna bring up IQ? You don't understand the legality or the common sense of the situation. It's not about if Sony could go out of business. It's about the consumers and their choice. This directly affects the market and the consumers who spend the money to make that market exist. Microsoft is not good at competing in this market. They traditionally overhype and under deliver, ruin IP's and just dilute the market with the same old formula because they're l...

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It doesn't matter what Sony has. You don't approve massive multiplatform devs with over five number 1 franchises that control the top spot of their respective genres to become acquired by a badly managed gaming company just because they don't know how to compete. A monopoly is when there is control over the market by anti-competitive means. Sony isn't anti-competitive. They don't remove the competition. They bring up their own properties instead. Microsoft is trying to rem...

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Exactly. Monopoly laws are meant to prevent monopolies by business and rich company chequebooks. Not to break down businesses that are just genuinely good at what they do and give unfair advantages to competitors to force lazy and fake competition onto a higher pedestal.

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You've never played a game with a simple combat system that throws in a single timed hit? The overall bpm timing is a little different but this game is super hyped up for what it is. Also when it's supposed to be about flow and being exciting but I can't stand when games constantly take you out of it by camera panning to direct where you move, a character shows up, etcetera.

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"Droughts can happen at any given time especially with AAA titles. Look at Sony"

Where's their drought? They consistently release several AAA games every year with variety. They had multiple AAA launch games and two or three AAA games a year since. Why is it that many users here started to admit to XBox's faults the past few years after the XBox One and Series launch disappointments but they have to shoehorn and force those problems as everyones shortcomin...

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Any glossy/shiny surface will reflect regardless of the color. It's that glossy/smooth surface that does allow the light that hits that surface to appear so clean and show a reflection. A white or black piece of paper obviously won't reflect because both are not glossy. They might reflect a little if the object is butted up against them in a well lit scenario. Now get a glossy or plastic sheet white or black and they both will reflect a lot. What you might be getting confused about is...

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A monopoly is not really based on consumers. It's based on market control and commodity control.

Amazon is huuuge. Do they have a monopoly? Does opening warehouses everywhere make them a monopoly? Nope. Their competitors can also open warehouses in the same locations with no restrictions. However, what if there were a major third party that handles multiple packaging/shipping business accounts, storage, sorting, and shipment and this third p...

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Even just being able to throw an old 250gb or 500gb drive from a computer that was being thrown away was a tremendous benefit on PS3 back in the day.

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It's almost like an open multiplatform secured product would drive competition rather than a proprietary solution that has first party complications involved where it's either hit or miss.

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My guess. Logically.. Sony is paying them roughly the estimated loss based on estimated sales on XBox. Their games don't do that well on XBox so if Sony can give them immediate cash ro make up estimated sales, and have no worry or dev costs associated with porting it, then it's an easy deal to make. Plus, maybe some extra cash for the deal on top of that.

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Even real guitarists loved those games. Even said that it's a good alternative warm up to a real guitar to build your muscles.

It really just sounds like you have an odd vendetta against people that were just playing a video game with a peripheral that has a much better button layout to add fun to it, especially when it came to the drums.

Also, I do play guitar and spend too much on them.

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Can it work? Yes. Does it compare? No.

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This is how you cherry pick words to take them out of context. Include his whole sentence. He said it is not a game he would revisit. He didn't say it is not a game

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Bungie was not created by MS. Bungie was a very hyped indie dev back in the day praised for being an up and coming big developer that was only held back because of their decisions to release only on Mac. Halo was originally going to be on Mac, and then ported to PC later. MS saw the potential, and at this time I think it was a good relationship because reportedly MS brought up making it an FPS like their other game rather than a top down RTS. MS bought Bungie. Aga...

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People really have full faith in them now because they're flashing money when it's all about locking games into their ecosystem whether it's platform or service. No care that they've been terrible at delivering games since 2010. These are games we all would already have gotten. Now just with exclusivity lingering in the future.

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They both have bought exclusive rights and companies for years. Though, particularly with Sony, they actually have a strong personal relationship with the companies they decide to buy and those companies have almost always been developing exclusives in partnership with them. Kinda like the Rare and Nintendo relationship back in the day that was very strong and successful, aside from Nintendo deciding not to buy them even though they wanted to be.

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No no no. That's not good enough. Lets push this agenda for MS to acquire more more more. We need this to go through because of.. reasons. Like ummm... oh uhh this will make PlayStation, the most competitive first party platform, even more competitive! Yeah, that makes sense. We should be wanting Sony to change focus and change their strategically well balanced dev teams that fill the void in the industry for quality AAA story driven titles and variety of gameplay to compete with unstoppa...

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