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It's designed to get new devs.

That said I would think that they would show some other korean software to show that some Korean devs are already on board

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I think hybrid IPs might be fun to look into. Sony tried it with that PS Move game but I think Sony needs to stop giving their games to lower tiered/ unknown devs and make these side projects by their bigger team.

As you say, a platformer that combines Jak and ratchet, even with Sly, Knack and Ape Escape could be absolutely magical if they get one of their own devs onto the project.

As for a potential Knack 2... could be cool if they fix and alter some issues...

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Are ppl purposely misreading this quote?

Yoshida clearly says that they want the PSV to have multiple uses INCLUDING 'the dedicated games'.

He is not saying the PSV wont get individual games... just that the PSV is being positioned to be more than just about the games its gets.

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though i would love them to return to the Tennis side series too someday.

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Considering how popular the song is here in Japan I'm pretty sure it will be in the game in some form.

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FF tactics sequel would rock, bt too bad about the Bioshock game... could have been interesting but definitely not what we were expecting it would be.

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Yeah I dunno... author trying to make something out of nothing tbh.

Sony got other stuff part of their deal (not just the beta) and here Bungie ensures teh experience for online in the full game is good for everyone.

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looking into Uta 575 myself purely for the Japanese study (im looking to improve reading skills) so that will definitely be helpful.

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IF true, it should be bundled with Heavy Rain imho.
that would be a cool bundle.

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As someone who bought the game originally and getting a PS4 soon I dont feel like its a 'slap in my face'.

I bought the game when I wanted to play it... sure its upgraded now but I dont think like my experience is dulled in any way. I loved the game that I first experienced on the PS3 and play multiple times over.

So its enhanced for PS4... news users will love it, and I am sure anyone who bought the game who feels like they would want to play it agai...

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oh awesome! Was wondering when the console release was coming. PSV is a pleasant surprise too.

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I don't really understand why the longer a game takes to come the more spectacularly amazing it has to be.

The game has suffered development problems...

the game just needs to be good and enjoyable, no matter how long it takes for the final product.

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I feel like this is going to be a Japanese title. Hopefully the rumoured 'FF-like' JRPG SCEJ are supposedly developing.

Or maybe its the new Dragon Quest. Guess TGS is the answer. September cant come soon enough.

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I agree with this. I tend to play as characters who Agility is better overall and it just so happens that games (a least a few years ago) tended to make the women the agile characters.

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ahhh cross gen? Nice for PS3 users but something that pushed the PS4 would have been great.

Too bad localisation of this franchise is not that great. Hopefully we see something

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Well I think the best thing this game can get is something similar to the 30 min MGS5 demo video.

And a 30 minutes where most of what is shown is running around/ shooting etc. I think, as interesting as the QTEs and cinematic look, that ppl want to see something that resembles Gears more than it does Heavy Rain (not saying HR is a bad game btw)

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Well I suppose this makes sense.

First, the device is not even selling that well in Japan so having the Vita name attached to it is not helping it sell anywhere near the levels the PSV is getting (which is currently having its best year in Japan so good work Sony).

Second, Sony probably wants to go for uniformity worldwide with this endeavour.

But that said, I think Sony needs to look into attracting a lot more cheaper software (in price, not...

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I enjoyed the FFX-2 battle system. The story was pretty horrible though.

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game looks awesome. hope it does well for sony

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Game looks so awesome. Kinda sad it has an online pass in Japan, since I play my PSV on my EU account. Guess I will have to import from EU when it launches there.

sounds weird saying that haha

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