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This writer has clearly missed whats going on here.
Sony is focusing on these 4 games because they are their most mainstream titles for release this year and next (hopefully not further). Following how well GoW was received both critically and commercially (more important) , this move by Sony is basically to tell everyone that more of 'what made GoW awesome' is coming.

and there will still be other games. Which is what makes this announcement pretty clever...

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The PS5 will play PS4 software. I dont think there is any doubt about this when you consider how important network sales are to the PS brand. PS5 playing PS4 software almost ensures current consumers jump to the PS5 since their purchases move with them. With the bigger importance on digital sales for console games this gen, this makes sense for Sony to implement. They were lucky to make the clean break from PS3 when they did (before digital became so important to mass consumers)

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I can see this being an NX launch title (next to the 3DS release)

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I think you looking at it wrong

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Sounds like they are gearing up to replace both the 3D and WiiU next year.

Interested in seeing how industry-leading the chipset is.

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Like pricing it at $499 would be a mistake and a pretty bad one.

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Oh my... don't wake me up guys...

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That is encouraging but of course we will need to see what the confirmed launch titles to be sure.

Vr has a lot of potential, hopefully Sony does not make any wrong moves.

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Im liking it too.

A friend of mine watched the trailer and thought the game looked uninspired and something akin to an RPG maker. I was like 'the hell?'.

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Seems kind of pointless to add that subtitle, but cool nonetheless.

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I figure they will just add more HUD to the main screen and split the screen (or picture in picture) for the segments you were meant to use the gamepad to search for stuff.

not quite the same experience but still workable.

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I use EU, and been able to find 'buy' them.

Still a few more hours before I get home, hopefully nothing stops me from downloading the files. Really want to play Rocket League.

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I think the reason why ppl dont think it was lacklustre is because most fans were expecting it to be a Doom/ Fallout 4 aimed conference.

and that is what they got. The rest of the stuff did seem less important and true they could have gotten more coverage. But it was a conference designed for fans and fans got what they came for.

at least that is how I interpret the response, and I am not really a Besthesda fan. I enjoyed their showing though.

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Cool, look forward to giving it a go.
Glad the team has finally gotten the game back on track. It was a poor launch but at least they kept at it.

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I think the problem is that only one part of an entire game was played... theres lot of choices to make.
need longer play previews to really get an idea.

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I feel like they could just use the WW HD engine. After all, Phantom Hourglass is a sequel right?

But im not sure if ppl would want it or not? I have never played it myself so a remake could be cool.

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Dude, the character models look great, let alone the stage haha (which looks very cool)

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Well one thing is that its not holding back PS4 in terms of sales, so that is fine.
But ppl just want these games to evolve into the PS4 gen instead of staying PS3 gen and looking PS3 gen even on the PS4.

I think its a fair point to want these games to grow bigger and look better etc.

But so far its not hurting the PS4. And future PS3 owners will most likely be PS4 owners. So its not all bad.

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Could be a mistake. For OP3 there is no PS4 version rated when it is on the PS4.

will have to see what happens of course

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wait, what?

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