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I am concerned with Microsoft buying up everything. Forget anything else. Outside of Turn10 and 343 who has been putting out any exclusives? Its like microsoft is buying up all the developers, sitting games on the low fire, so they can maintain relevance by saying "we have a ton of studios working on projects". There should be some restrictions against these levels of acquisitions. Its borderline a monopoly. I have nothing against any gaming company (I own a PC, PS5, and Xbox). Each...

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I get what you meant lol but it’s just completely down…. Thing I hate about new games like GT7 is. Waiting for patches and update of maintenance. No modes available when completely offline. It’s like games are not owned, they are literally licenses to play. I can still fire up my Ps1 Ps2 Xbox Dreamcast SNES or whatever and just enjoy the game. Faults and all. Let PD say our servers are done. That’s a wrap , unless you get into private or they sell outsource etc (not super knowledgeable on tha...

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BF3 - BF4 - Bad Company, heck even Hardline, all had good single player stories… Good not great but single player is a way to get very familiar with the game, and offer that change of pace from the hectic online play

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I have the 65 “ B9 and I’ll tell anyone , once you go OLED, you can’t go back to any other display. It is that big of a difference and having a PS5 connected has been amazing. Only thing is that 4K is only available up to 60hz unlike the C series which does 4K 120hz… It’s still an incredible experience with 4K 60 on PS5. Especially titles like FF7 remake and Ratchet. I would recommend anyone to OLED, burn in is a non factor, had mines for a year and it’s still as beautiful the day I purchased...

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Good one mate. I have been playing on PC and it’s so poorly optimized. I look at a title like Red Dead 2. Runs great FPS, with visuals turned up to high. I can’t even run this on low at 1080p with FPS in the 30-40s. I have a GTX1080... It’s sad and I do hope they work on some updates because it’s a very intriguing game in its scope.

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Agree, MS really needs to take some risk this generation and get some new IPs out there. It’s been a long time and with all of these studios, MS must deliver.......anything at this point

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Absolutely! Everyone please try it, it’s way more than a demo for the controller, decent platforming, enemies, bosses, good stuff in this. Also the suites Astro put on are really fun, definitely the monkey one. Lastly the song about the GPU is hilarious and good

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It’s crazy I loaded up the game thinking this will just be a little fun demo for the controller but no this game is fun, so much so I got hooked and beat all the levels, and it really gets you into it. The way they set up the unlocks and that monkey suite portion of the game is super fun. The game has enemies, it’s like playing a 3D Mario esque game and I believe everyone should give it a try.

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Agree , the launch been great for gamers, sucks about all the scalpers and all but Spider-Man was crazy ....that first scene against Rhino was incredible, like I had a wow moment that I was looking for in my ps5 good I’m sorry the ps5 is awesome, and me n my daughter couldn’t be happier, here’s hoping more games keep coming in. Ready for cyberpunk

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I guess I’m grateful? Only issue I ever had was Spider-Man Miles sound not working but that was easy fix. It’s crazy you see all these reports...I just haven’t had any issues at all

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Read my guy, it said touch pad still works 🙏🏽👍 27997;

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I got through last night on Walmart. Used the app, had the console in my basket, and just spammed the heck out of checkout and luckily, got a shipping confirm . While I agree it’s damn near impossible. The minute the clock is on, the websites and even the app, just Crashes n burns. It’s really difficult, but hey, it’s still a small chance of success. Only thing that sucks is it says it won’t be delivered till the 27th :-/

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Got mines in the final hours of Walmart at 9pm . Felt extremely lucky considering I tried at noon, 3 and 6, and each time 5 within five minutes it was sold out. However, Walmart kept the system in my basket, and at 9pm I kept spamming the check out, and got through. Happy for all that was able to get one 🙏🏽

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We have to remember in the 90s Super Nintendo and n64 carts were crazy expensive, I remember getting SF2 turbo the day it came out and back then it was 74.99 .. so price structure is about right , granted games being digital and blu ray disc prices or very cheap, devs will continue to figure out ways to insure profits are made

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Bottom line here guys is the PS5 is like a hybrid super car (Porsche 918) while the Xbox is raw Naturally Aspirated (Bugatti)... The big point of interest is the SSD in the PS5. The SSD can act as a memory controller 12 phase (flash ram) that can load up to 5.5GBps ..that’s huge and on top of that, having 16Gbs of GDDR6 ram ...laggy load in of textures , pop in should be a thing of the past. Everything from shaders, textures, triangles, maps, etc can be on call instantly. Granted the Xbox X ...

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DDR3? the ps5 has a 12 channel interface to utilize a “flash ram” from the SSD at 5.5 GBPs ..DDR3 at most does 18k MBps , that’s a significant boost along side the 16gbp of GDDR6...the tech behind the SSD on the PS5 is ridiculous

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Must say, the Campaign graphics are spectacular from what i have played thus far and thats on a BASE PS4. I played the multi player beta and while it looks good, it still had that classic COD non living world feel to it. Like in BF1-5 everything feels like war, everything explodes, everything can crumble, etc etc. while CODs world seems to be just there. Like a fancy screen saver. Don't get me wrong, the game-play is superb. The speed, the new techniques, everything is wonderful, but only...

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Also guys, why dislike the comment? Is it not true that we are in a state where every little thing is criticized? Even a minority group can be just as vocal as a large group. The internet gives EVERYONE the ability to have an opinion? And with that opinion comes no recourse unless you are a noteworthy individual. I love the fact that "we" have the voice and the social aspect of the internet has provided us with a great platform. However, everything is under a quantum scope. Look at ...

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no click bait. Just saying the story is..quote the article "Clean House is where the controversy first started. Killing female civilians, in self defence I might add. It’s harsh but it is done tastefully." (I think the author spelled defense incorrectly) but mmmmm...tastefully??..Well.... we live in an age now where everyone gets mad and upset at every single little thing, they will likely try and have it banned. The dawn of the modern internet has created monsters.

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Should a console be called a switch when it actually can ..not.....switch?...

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