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Eighth gen isn't over yet, who knows by the end of this gen ps4 could be in last place.

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The casuals and kids have gone to the Ps4 because of their graphics gimmicks and easy fake games aka interactive movies which doesn't require any skill whatsoever.

Nintendo made the Wii U for the hardcore gamer, quality games that are challenging, creative with good gameplay what more can a gamer ask for.

I agree Nintendo's advertising is poor tho, they really need to step their game up when it comes to advertising

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I'm not a fan of PlayStation or Xbox. I'm a pc and Wii U gamer, but it's clear to see that Sony Fanboys are the most blind and deluded, just look down this page and I'm sure you''ll find an army of them.

These interactive movie playing, sales and graphics obsessed Sony Fans wouldn't know what gaming is if it bit them in the ass. Sad but true fact

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Oh so you'd rather pretend it's multiplats or nothing?
The majority of games coming to ps4 and xbone are pretty much all the same and broken as usual.
The majority will be interactive movies that only causual gamers have an interest in as Ps4 games don't require any skill.

Real core gamers play games that are creative, challenging with good gameplay and replay value.
Quality games that work from the moment you purchase them.

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Because they're not really games. If I wanted a movie then I'd go to the cinema.

If no skill is required then what's the point? It can't be called a game.
The lack of challenge, creativness and gameplay in these games scare me and is bad for gaming.

At least we still have Nintendo who will always keep it real when it comes to actual quality gaming for the the core gamers.

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Sony only lead when it comes to sales but they don't do quality gaming, if I buy a console I buy it for the games not the sales or popularity, that's what casual gamers do.

Nintendo is for the core gamers whereas Sony games are usually broken and more like interactive movies than actual games, they're not creative or challenging.

Ps4 is only selling because of this graphics gimmick that these fake gamers have flocked to. Ps4 games suck and are bro...

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I wouldnt take that as a compliment, Sony's no better. They make interactive movies, they don't focus on creative GAMES and gameplay, they don't challenge you.
If I want to watch a movie I'll go to the cinema.

That's why I stick with Nintendo the only games company that make and have creative and quality GAMES that you can actually play and not just sitting back watching.

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Is that a list of all the broken and boring interactive movie type games coming to the ps4? Yaaawn. You must be a casual gamer and not have the skills to play any challenging and competitive games.

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Everyone knows Wii U has best exclusives.

Star Fox
Xenoblade Chronicles
Devils Third

These 5 games alone better than anything on any other console.
Whatever Nintendo add at e3 is a Bonus

New Ip's

It's laughable to think anyone can even compete with Nintendo when it comes to quality exclusives.

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lol troll. Not that I care but just to inform you, Wii U has more 1080p games than ps4 and xbone.

wtf is 900p that's all the powerful ps4 can handle lol

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Why would Nintendo have a price cut, Wii U is already reasonably priced.
Its cheaper than the other 2 consoles out, while it's a weaker console, it has better quality games than the other 2 consoles and the best online play, smooth with no lag and its free, no subscription just to play online.

It's the best value for money For a gamer. No broken games that constantly need patches, no unimaginative and poor gameplay.
The only issue is 3rd party, which...

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If you dislike Nintendo so much, why do you dedicate so much time of your life talking negatively about them, about EVERYTHING, Nintendo can do no right in your eyes so why not just go and find something you enjoy?

You really seem mentally challenged and in need of some psychological help. I sincerely hope you get the help you need as I've never known anyone as sad and pathetic as you. U need to get a life, this isn't healthy, get some real life friends Please.

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Wow these Nintendo haters are reaching.
Try changing the subject from sales to games and you find Wii U is leading the market.

After all a gaming console is for playing games not for analyzing sales.
If your more interested in sales then your better off getting a calculator than a gaming console.

Regardless of what Wii U sells, they are still making profit, you can't that about any other console manufacturer.

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I dont think any real gamer has a Wii U as a secondary console. With the games already out and games to come for Wii U it can only be a main console, secondary console is xbone. Leave the ps4 for the casuals as I don't see anything special about it, it's not really made for hardcore gamers.

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Wow how old are u? 5 years old or something?

Do you play sales or games on a GAMES console?
Do you have a special slot on your ps4 or xbone to insert sales and play it? if not then it shouldn't be your primary concern as a gamer unless your a casual gamer.

If you think that sales mean a console has won this imaginary war then your sadly mistaken.
If that's all your favourite console has to offer, then I feel bad for u son

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Ps4 if your a casual gamer and don't mind broken games with poor gameplay and believe games should be watched like a movie with little interaction from the gamer apart from pressing the odd X button.

Stick to Nintendo if your a real gamer who prefers quality, creative and challenging games with good gameplay and smooth, free online play.

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Lol you've gotta be a Sony Fan and by the stuff your saying, you clearly don't own a Wii U.

Bayonetta says hello btw and I'm sure Star Fox is going to have the wow factor visually as well as a good amount of dialogue. Zelda also comes to mind, it's goin to be a massive open world game and I bet you it wont take up a tremendous amount of memory and it won't be broken.

Nintendo don't need to rely heavily on gimmicky realistic looking ga...

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My Wii U has more memory than Xbone and ps4 combined, I have 2 one terabyte hard drives.

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Depends what you look for in a console, if your all about playing quality games that arnt broken with good gameplay then Wii U is best.

If your more interested in sales than gaming then Ps4 is for you.

If your a fan of Xbox exclusives and some third parties and don't mind paying to play online then Xbone is for u.

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No it wasnt, and this is coming from one of the biggest Nintendo fans out there.
It was Good if your into handheld gaming, but console gamers got screwed.
This should have been called a 3ds Direct.
I don't understand why Nintendo don't put the same amount of effort into the Wii U which really needs some hype and support.

Wii games on e shop? wtf? What about gamecube and n64 which is what the majority of gamers want.

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