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Agree with a lot of the article apart from the Wii U being a secondary console.

Wii U will always be my primary console as it has the best 1st and 2nd party games and a decent amount of 3rd Party and indie games whereas all my ps4 has to offer is 3rd party titles.

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Agree with a lot of the article apart from the Wii U being a secondary console.

Wii U will always be my primary console as has best 1st and 2nd party games and a decent amount of 3rd Party and indie games whereas all my ps4 has to offer is 3rd party titles.

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In response to your latter comment. There's nothing wrong with havin ur view, if u think the Wii U sucks etc... Then fine. But people think your a troll as u stalk every Nintendo article with your negativity.
I've never once heard u say anythin positive about anything Nintendo, its always doom and gloom no matter what Nintendo do.

People just think your a lonely sad old man (kinda like cranky Kong) when the highlight of your life is to seek and troll every Nin...

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Revealing on a show with such a small audience is an idiotic logic. Fools rush in.
Nintendo will reveal what they have when it serves them best and not when a troll tells them to.

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And you know this as you work for Nintendo? These fanboys lol. A new level of stupidity. Looool

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lol funny, are you for real? were you born this dumb or did you have to work to get to this level of dumbness, Ive never read a comment so stupid and delusional in my life.
You should change your name to TheDumbass

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Nah screw u, why do u idiot Sony fanboys feel the need to comment and bring ur negativity to every Wii U article. Why do u all constantly comment on somethin that ur delusional fanboy minds think is crap and u apparently have no interest in?
Clearly u fanboys have no life.

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Lol you were born by mistake.

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I agree with Fanboyssuck27, No Sony console or handheld will ever get close to Wii or 3ds sales numbers.

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id like to see shadow man,
prince of persia,
1080 snowboarding,
and a new ip based on the movie 300, then id be happy.

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Sony couldn't afford Nintendo and the games would suffer on a sony system.

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U wish Mario would fade away, but nope it isnt going to happen. The gameplay that Mario brings is better than any other game out.

Untill someone can make games as good as Mario if not better, then Mario is here to stay.

People still play the first Mario's ever made to this day. Its 2013 and still gamers can't get enough of old or new Mario games.

What other game can you say has been around as long as Mario and yet just keeps getting b...

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U want advancements in graphics, cool.
Nintendo gamers want advancements in games and gameplay which the ps4/xbone cant offer, so ps4/xbone cant be considered next gen when it comes to games and gameplay, they soley are only next gen in terms of graphics.

I prefer good quality games and gameplay over somethin that just looks pretty.

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But Wii U still has the better quality games and gameplay. ps4 and x1 are more like the ps1 and first xbox when it comes to games and gameplay, no innovation just the same old crap with slightly better looking graphics.

@ mixelon, just goes to show that just about everything has better games and gameplay than the ps4/x1.
I cud get better gameplay on my phone.
The only thing Ps4/x1 offers is power and somethin that looks slightly more prettier which the majori...

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Yaaaaaawwwwn, are we really going to do this again.

Yes it is a true next generation console to everyone except delusional sony fanboys who know nothing about gaming let alone "hardcore gaming"

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Chupa-Chupa sumed it up best.
Its like a Ps4, but 10x better, better quality games, better gameplay, offscreen play, free to play online,backward compatable, these are just a few of the features.

Definately the best console to get if your looking to get a new console.

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The title should read, Sony fanboys sit down, we need to talk about your obsession with Nintendo and why you are so concerned with a console that you see as "last gen" and crap compared to the Ps4.

If the Wii U is so crap why all the attention and obsession with it? Is it because you have no life or because you need psychiatric help?
Why don't you focus more on Ps4 instead of constantly coming up with doom and gloom articles about a console you apparentl...

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Why all the hate on every nintendo article if you like Nintendo?

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Yaaaaawn, you need to see a psychiatrist, this obsession and hate you have towards Nintendo is not healthy. Please seek professional medical help ASAP.

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the sony fans are 10 times worse.

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