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"And by 2012 we will take the Internet for granted and almost everyone will have a net connection in their homes. Microsoft can use this to their advantage and include a proprietary technology, much like Valve’s Steam. You have to activate your game over Xbox Live before you can play it.

Horsesh1t... If I've already paid a premium for the freaking game why do I need to have it authenticated?

suck it.... that blows. It's a goddamn GAME not an OS!!!!!!

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It makes sense to me if it's only over the toslink optical input to HT receivers. Instead of a continuous analog signal which will still send a signal when no sounds are being played, an optical signal basically turns off. When it finally receives an audio signal again there's lag and will cause on/off stutter (on some receivers). Mine does this with my soundcard output from my HTPC and it's annoying as hell...

Anybody using digital coax(orange RCA) having the same problem??? (...

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Sandy Duncan?!... for real?

Maybe she can team up with Scoob and the gang to find some clues.

(yeah durr I know not THE Sandy Duncan for chrissakes)

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1. Pop-in/texture load issues????

2. Frame-rate issues????

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Of course it'll look and play better. That's why my next console will be a gaming rig.

No (permanent) xbox exclusives = no reason for me to own one.

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You dare make negative comments about the blessed PS3? You will be located and eliminated. The PS3 is perfect and will be the last console ever created by man.

Henceforth the awesomeness of the PS3 will result in recursive self-improvement of the console ushering in the coming technological singularity and ending mans dominance on this planet.

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Now where's the licensed DUNE MMO we've all been waiting for???

Best series ever. Even the stuff by Brian and Kevin.

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If they really wanted to do everything they could to support HD-DVD format they would've included it in the 360 and pushed the HD-DVD add-on and internal drives for the PC more than they did.... a la good driver support and HD-DVD based "Games for Windows".

Maybe M$ really DIDN'T care and just wanted to give Sony a hard time and potentially exhaust cash reserves. If Microsoft is so willing to throw away cash on the RROD situation instead of just quickly reengineering...

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.. shove their "digital download" future squarely up their collective asss. I will ALWAYS want a tangible physical source for my purchases.

I'd be happier if I could dload and burn an EXACT IMAGE of the disk I'd be buying in the store. Minus all the crapware and authentication programs added-on.

Look at the fiasco with accessing 360 dlc on replaced boxes or when not connected for "authentication".

All they want to do is elimi...

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"...It will show that Microsoft is no longer the "Top-Dog" considering the fact that it is basically bowing down to Sony"

Nobody is bowing to anybody, it's called good business strategy. That's why d!ckholesoft didn't incorporate an HD-DVD player from the start, durr. It allowed them to be flexible in the future in case their horse didn't win.

Be thankful BRD won the war. Sony took a HUGE risk there (and finally got their wet-dream of a propri...

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"It is a shame that such a desirable and well made system has flaws of this magnitude."

Desirable yes,...... well-made, not by a long shot.

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Yeah you're right... he should've had a British accent and spoken proper Queen's English. (eyeroll)

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That had to do with what NVIDIA was charging M$ for the GPU which they owned and produced for M$. That's why M$ decided to have ATI design the XENOS for them. M$ owns the rights to the GPU this time, so it's unlikely they'll discontinue to support the 360 like they did for the XBOX1........... hopefully. Of course we've seen how M$ can be total d!cks about things though. Only time will tell.

As long as the next xbox is 100% back compatable w/out emulation (at least for 360 game...

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1. Make the hardware reliable. The current box is a disgrace.

2. Fix the DLC DRM issues that make content useless offline on a replaced box.

3. Make it BC with ALL XBOX1 and XBOX360 titles.

4. Mandatory internal HDD.

5. ALL games 1080P native and at a locked 60fps.

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not cyborgs :)

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multi-part downloads? Just split the title into 2 or more chunks to bypass the 150MB limit?

(...or just get rid of the stupid limit)

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...since you don't need a GOLD acct. to download XBLA titles that's not an issue.

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I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying....

No it's not a console mover. In the same way that HD-DVD was not a console mover. But you think now that BRD is the winner M$ will deliberately cut themselves out of that market?! All they need to do is pay for BRD licencing and they're in. This "Blu-ray board of trustees" of yours has no say over who can licence the technology. Even if they did you think APPLE and SONY wouldn't love to have M$ paying THEM l...

4912d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment current box lasts until Jasper comes out and the 3yr warranty is expired I MIGHT buy a Jasper rev. MIGHT!!!

If Jaspers continue to rrod I'm thru with buying anything xbox ever again.

By the time they get this crap ironed-out we'll be ready for the next round of consoles anyway, and I'll be buying a PS4. Thanks M$ :)

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The guys talking out his asss. Of course they're working on a BRD version. They have to do SOMETHING with all the parts from the HD-DVD add-on don't they? Not like they'll just let them sit on a pile in CHINA or something.

His comparison to the poor attach rate for the HD-DVD add-on is completely invalid now that the "format war" is over.

His claim that "We have no plans to announce or anything like that right now," means just that. Notice t...

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