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The mis-information by some people on here is incredible.

First, you wont lose whatever adjustment you make to a games graphics or performance settings when you switch from game to game.

This article basically just tested how long the battery would last IF everything was maxed out, most games you play on this will automatically be adjusted so minimal tinkering is needed.

people comparing this to a switch need to understand that a switch...

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People jumping on the bandwagon that the steam deck is crap because it only targets 30fps need to improve there reading comprehension.

30 fps is just the minimum target, that's all

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I have zero interest in nintendo but they deserve credit for still pushing handhelds, but i'm glad valve and potentially others will push higher end handhelds since nintendo has no intention to.

I really want x86 handhelds to take off, more competition is always better for the consumer.

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I hope that's a joke, you have 100 years worth of RPGs to select the best one and you chose this?
Cyberpunk isn't even the best RPG in the last decade.

As others have said, the game is just half baked, even without the bugs

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I was initially going to do this, but wasn't sure if the 64GB version had a M.2 slot, so i went with the 256gb with the plan to upgrade the 256gb m.2 later.

Now Gabe himself confirmed they all have 2230 m.2 slots, so i wasted cash on the SKU i reserved, but i guess i can just throw that on ebay when my upgraded storage comes

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Even if they got rid of ALL bugs, I would still be disappointed with what we got

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Dude, you must question yourself and ask why you even care?? why this bothers you in anyway

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I cant lie, im a little disappointed the PS5 is weaker when it comes to raw power, but honestly, sony have always made the exclusives that im interested in so in away it just doesn't matter what the xbox has, power wise.

but i do expect the PS5 to be cheaper then

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The price range really depends on a few things, your location as in what parts are available in your country, do you wanna buy new or used, low/mid or high end, I recommend looking at some builds on pcpartpicker, have a price range in mind so you can see how far your budget can go.

Honestly, the money your willing to spend will determine exactly what you get.

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the Graphics card would cost the most usually, although it depends on if your going low/mid/high end gaming PC

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I will always appreciate a self build PC, but to call this a gaming pc with it only having a APU......I personally would have gone with a slightly bigger case and a low profile graphics card

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Survived.....sounds like you had to do some juggling to to make that 500GB stretch.

I took steps with my launch PS4 to make sure i didnt have to do that, my 3TB drive was great

in 2020 with a PS5, i just think by default no juggling should be required.

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I cant actually believe this....i stopped playing this game because of work, i thought I would make time for it when more updates show up like proper NPCs but this? once did they even hint private servers would be behind a paywall either.

There are so many games im yet to play, I might just leave this one and never return.

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Nintendo still have good games exclusive to their platform, they aren't to my taste but i cant deny their quality

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Disney bought Fox for over $50 billion....anything can be bought for the right price

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I cant see this happening for obvious reasons......but if it did, wow, sony are serious about making playstation the home for almost all the best games

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your gonna ignore new vegas then?

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I hope this is true, this would be a game changer for PSNow, i would certainly give it ago

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I've been thinking for a while, why hasn't this been made into a HD remaster yet......finally i can play this again, my backlog is ridiculous now, it gets worse every month lol

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But this doesn't help at all though, you want to get the player base back? This isn't the way.

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