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It sucks more when you have to wear glasses over glasses, which I have to do. I'm just saying Nintendo has a bunch of creative minds and they could do something creative with 3D

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I'm not really surprised about the 3D part because I'm sure Nintendo could do something really creative with 3D. I'm more surprised about having 3D at 60 Frames per second.

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I see some people say the Wii U doesn't need great graphics. I say it does to some extent. Developers need to make a game at least clear and crisp because whenever I load up a Wii game like Zelda Skyward Sword I enjoy it but the blurriness of the video takes me out so much. I feel like I'm playing something VERY outdated. Sure we won't get awesome graphics right away just like with PS3 and Xbox 360 when they first came out but we will eventually.

I would also say...

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I'm excited about the two unannounced games. It is starting to look like the Wii U is coming out around November more and more. Looking forward to the announcement in August.

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IF you haven't seen anything about it the combat looks more like World of Warcraft than anything Elder Scrolls related.

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The chance for Fallout Online to come out at all are much slimmer than Elder Scrolls Online

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I hope the team can pull this off. The consoles need an MMO success and I believe they do it.

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I still haven't completed a pokemon game. I never knew you could until my friend told me he beat Pokemon Silver a couple years ago.

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