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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mario Galaxy 3 here. Imagine that in HD. It was already beautiful on the Wii. One of my favorite Nintendo platformer games, ever.

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Level 5 comes back and collaborates with Square Enix for the next Dragon Quest game...

*I'm doomed for disappointment*

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Well yeah. I want my UC4 beta.

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Same lol. As soon as I saw it posted I went straight to hitting that pre-order button. I'm not missing out on all these MGS goodies. :)

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I've been clamoring for this for awhile but, please Square Enix, Remaster my favorite rpg of all time! Dragon Quest VIII!!!

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agreed. Hope to see some new gameplay too @ E3

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agreed x 1000 to this. Its like Nintendo HAS to use only Mario and Link to make first party games.

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Gotta wait till November. Can't wait to spend so many hours on trying to EV train and go into competitive battle :D

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Wow, awesome to see a proposal from that couple lol.

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ya I could prolly do that since I built a rig over the summer.

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for years I've been wanting a DQ8 Remaster(Vita/PS3/PS4) or resold on PSN as a PS2 classic... then to see this... it's like sh-- thrown at my face by Square Enix.

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screenshot coming monday but not gameplay... Alrightey there EA.

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God if Dark Cloud is back with number 3 I will explode like how I did at this year's E3 when SE showed off KH3.

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I can see timed exclusivity content with Square Enix and Disney for KH3. But that's just me guessing. And I can't wait to see Lvl-5's game!

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Like Colin Moriarity from IGN called it... new PS Vita Model coming at TGS. That's why i held off on getting a Vita even with the great price cut announced recently. Want to see what this new model offers if they show it at the Tokyo Game Show.

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lol why would they?

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ahaha that miami cover with Juwan Howard in a suit with Chalmers... XD Especially prime time VC back in a Toronto Uni... Most of these look sick!

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don't forget Persona 4 Golden. Even though that was released and considered last gen, it's still is one of the best modern JRPGs out right now.

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yeah agreed hope the announcement for 2.5 is soon. And Colonel, you're missing one of the best in the KH series. BBS was a great KH game. Hope that's incorporated into HD as well seeing as how the GOW PSP games by Ready at Dawn have been converted to be playable on the PS3 also.

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omfg my favorite anime right now. Please bring it to home consoles!

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