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Smol brain people on this site

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Why does it matter what AMD Zen/Navi plastic box the games are available on?

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Lol have you seen the reaction to the George Lucas scene edits to the original SW trilogy?

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That's enough subscribers to start and fully fund a 3-4 year development on a AAA game every single month. If you don't think these numbers are significant you are blind. They'll be pumping out a windfall of content as all those acquisitions start approaching deliverables.

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Ghost of Tsushima outselling it says a lot about the disconnect between "game journalists" and consumers.

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"We don't need decision based resource management" - some idiot in 2020

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You've just described every capitalistic venture in existence.

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TES6 & Starfield won't be service games, not all games have to be under the Game Pass model.

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I was onboard with that line of thinking until I seen multiple developers tweeting that the console will be a problem and bottleneck the generation for 3rd party games.

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This response is what happens when gamers are conditioned to receive their game 18 months after its announcement.

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Because its been built for next gen since 2015..

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Spoken like someone who gets his information from Inside Gaming lul.

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It has more consumer interest now than at any other point in its development.

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Uhh do you not remember launch year last cycle? Most 3rd party titles released cross gen...

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Xbox SeX

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HOW are there more downvotes than upvotes on this.

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Most of my favorite games of this gen have been Playstation exclusive but damn Sony Soy boys in these comment sections never fail to mass down vote anything that mildly resembles praise for anything Xbox related.. xD

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I remember when it was Global Warming, then Climate Change, and now for mass hysteria sake, its Climate Crisis.

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The huge resurgence in the vinyl record industry is proof that convenience is not always king.

There will always be a market for the highest quality experience, and until Quantum Networking is a thing, the best experience is going to require local hardware.

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