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Except I would actually pay $60 for a new version of MAG. Even when the Destiny Digital Deluxe version was on sale on PSN for $45 I was thinking "Myeeeeehhhh... nah."

I too felt like MAG was more like a proof-of-concept... but it was still fun as hell, and now I'm just waiting (somewhat) patiently for the real deal.

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Just skip all that noise and use the web-based store. Leagues better than the console-based stores.

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Really Dirk? Literally 10 seconds? Even if your screwdriver skills are lightning fast, if it was anything like the PS3, it will take HOURS to back up your current HDD to an external before swapping. I'm not looking forward to backing up ~450GB once mine is full and I'm ready to upgrade. Hopefully (but doubtful) by the time I need to do that, a slim model will be out and I can just transfer all the data to the new slim box. Even though data transfer takes WAY longer than backup on PS3,...

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Why do people always refer to their Xbox/PS4/WiiU collecting dust like it's a bad thing?

I mean, I play my PS4 every day... but it's still collecting dust. Wouldn't it collect less dust if it wasn't being used? If it was constantly tucked away in a badly ventilated cabinet, or boxed up in the closet?

If your consoles are repelling dust while in use, you might want to get it serviced... that could be a sign of static buildup due to improper gro...

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mkis007: To the pain!

Shwanky: I don't think I'm quite familiar with that phrase.

mkis007: I'll explain. And I'll use small libraries so that you'll be sure to understand, you Flash-animating beta tester.

Shwanky: That may be the first time in my life a man has dared insult me.

mkis007: It won’t be the last. To the pain means that the first thing you lose will be your memory management below the allocation...

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@OpenGL: I've noticed the same thing as well.

Aside from that, no issues. 2.50 came out at the perfect time... sus/res is a must for Bloodborne, and I immediately swapped R1/square & R2/triangle in the button customizer, as I'm not too crazy about having melee attacks on the shoulder buttons.

I would have liked them to make the custom buttons only apply in-game and not to the dashboard as well, but minor inconvenience to turn them on and off.

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A lonely disagree. I dare you to find one post by MisterX on neogaf.

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You think MisterX is on/from neogaf? That's hilarious.

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And this:

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And this:

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I'll just leave these here:

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I'll just leave these here:

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From the article:

"However, the single-player campaign is limited to the prologue and the first chapter. This restriction is understandable, as most players would likely finish the campaign under the 10-hour time limit and skip purchasing the game altogether."

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While MS may own Killer Instinct, it was made by third-party studio Double Helix.

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@spicelicka: While whether or not The Order in its entirety is a masterpiece is certainly debateable, the engine they built for it is nothing short of a masterpiece. The lighting, models, animations, and shaders are unparalleled.

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Hell, F the 4k, give me more 3d games. I ended up with a 3d TV just because the model had other picture quality features I liked that were better than the next model down which wasn't 3d (LG 55LB7200 vs 55LB6300), and right now on PS4 I've only got Trine, Pinball, and SSDU in 3d (maybe 1 other game? can't remember). At least it's breathed some fresh life into some of my PS3 games... working my way through Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3d before digging through my PS3 library for ot...

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>>You want cross-play, PSP games, Portable PS1, mobile PS3 and Ps4 games and 2 Free games a month from PS+ then get a Vita.

>>I don't regret it one bit.

I'm with ya. I was banking Vita games since they were available on PS+, and just got a Vita in May... I currently have over 70 games on it, and the few games that I actually individually "bought" for it were just cross-plays I bought on PS3/4. And I use the F out of Remote Play....

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Isn't MLB The Show 1080/60?
COD:AW maintains 1080/60 99% of the time as well.

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I find it funny how "indieStation" is used as an epiphet, and so many players adopting the "who cares if it's not on the One, just a stupid indie game," yet at the same time we have the "these devs should try harder to reach out to MS to get their games on the One."

If you were a dev and saw one market saying "pfft so what, just a dumb indie game... try harder to win Spencer's graces," and the other market saying "cool! I ...

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>>Except this dev never said it was due to or even mentions the parity clause.

So would you be so kind as to show the rest of the class where this dev mentions the Pub Fund?

We'll wait.

>>Let's just cut to the chase these devs are rich they wouldn't need a pub fund. The first game is played by millions.

Yeah... and this. I don't know if they're "rich," but the first DD seemed pretty ...

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