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It’s not a shmup.

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Me to, I loved microprose golf.

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I’m not falling for the pro model upgrades again. But that just me.

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Looking forward to it. 🔫

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The game is in a mess. Shame because the core game play is actually very good, the guns feel great to use. But they’ve definitely fecked it up.

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Really? Jeez. My 3 gaming monitors aren’t compatible. Mad. As my Xbox works flawlessly with all. Never mind, hopefully Sony will sort it.

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Strange implementation from Sony. Basically any device without hdmi 2.1 is excluded.

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I don’t, Sony is now the worst company out the 3. Shame because they used to be the best.

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I Wish Sony would make a new motor storm title for ps5

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Totally, for me even 75fps is way better than 60fps.

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I get what your saying but It’s just excitement, nothing wrong with that. I loved the first two monkey islands too, they have a very special place in my personal gaming history. So I’m excited for this new game too.

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They need to nail the input lag.

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Yep the steam deck 2 will be the last!

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Totally,I’d pay full whack for that but sadly it’ll never happen. Mame is your friend.

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Totally agree. I play so many games on my pc from the ps3/xb360 era still. So many great games that still play well and are pretty much bug free. Todays games just seem to launch and take 12-18 months before they’re worth playing.

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Nintendo would take down your underwear if you had a self made drawing of Mario on them.

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Definitely, I’m waiting on digital foundry’s take on it, I got stung with bl3, performance was horrible. (Still is) Xbox series x, ps5 or pc. I’m leaning towards pc as I can adjust more settings to gain performance. Tho I’d love it on one of the consoles if it well optimised.

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The game is pretty easy on hardware, I can get very high frame rates on max settings with my extremely modest pc. I’d think the switch could manage a stable 30fps. 😬

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