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Doesn’t surprise me. Microsoft need to sort this practice. I have my xb360 full of indie games and arcade classics that I’ve paid for that won’t load unless I’m connected to the net and signed in. I’ll be pissed the day they drop the 360 from the network.

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Awesome but how will it effect battery life? Charging controller twice a day would get tiring.

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Because Sony corporation doesn’t sell any tv’s/monitors native 1440p

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R3 was one of my favourite FPS single player campaigns ever. Really only the half-life games I found superior at the time.

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Sorry but 30fps sucks.

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Headhunter would be nice for variety.

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On pc you can gain an extra 20-30 frames just by lowering the fog, material and space reflections down to medium, With little to no obvious difference in visual quality.

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Easy,the difference is 60fps

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Wow, ok.

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Doesn’t look like it yet. Was this a digital ps3 game?? I’m certain I own this on something!

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For it to be available for more than 6 months maybe.

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It’s getting to a point now where Nintendo will have to show us something. A road map of the next 6 months through the holiday period, hopefully they’ll show a new switch and some killer titles that take advantage of the new hardware. But knowing Nintendo they’ll just plod on, keep quiet and get another Christmas Worth of sales out of the existing Switch.

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900p confirmed.

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One word. Begins with W ends in S

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As long as the gun play and elemental damage feels good I’ll be happy.

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I’ve Just done exactly that. This is the only Forza game I purchased on release digitally due to it including the windows version. After reading this tho I’ve bagged a new sealed copy for £14. I did the same with gears 4.

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The graphics are kinda next gen if they’re running at 120 fps, but I get what you mean in terms of raw visuals in a screen shot.

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I’m passing on this. My wii u version is more than enough for me.

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