You people have no tolerance whatsoever.
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Better than BF1 trailer which was pretty good not gonna lie.

Gameplay footage on 12th June people, just wait 3 more days. This trailer is just for visuals and hype.

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I bought the annual pass for 20$.
That is 5$ a season. Go ahead and tell me what better value proposition is there in any game currently out ?

When was the last time you played Destiny.

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Why are people upset over the Campaign ? It was dogshit and you know it, 5 hours tops.
Real game has always been weekly activites.

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PvP a mess.
PvE has been better than it was ever before. And last season was received pretty great.

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I am grateful more people are checking this game out.
Mediocre game. But its a 10/10 mediocre game.

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Yeah not exactly a AAA game. For a AA licensed game pretty alright, can see it selling more than people expectations.

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Actually what other option does MS have other than attracting 3rd party devs.

Their firs party lineup/studios is just not there and never can be compared to Nintendo/Sony. That is just a harsh reality and MS knows that.

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Will this decision holds out in court or DOJ ?
Far as I remember there needs to be hard concrete evidence US needs to reproduce about China data stealing or this gets against fair trade deals rule under World trade. Lets see.

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I don't know.
Still kinda funny.

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You guys are impossible.

Does made from ground up or slapped on makes any sense to you ? We both are not tech wizards but can agree that a feature that can be added or toggled on/off isn't as better as baked into the game from inception design. Yes the update will help and make it look better. But NOT when it is already embarrassingly behind.

The decision between the tradeoff between open world and better graphic fidelity needs to be shown to gamers ...

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I am gonna gamble and say Yes, but not 10.

Halo fans LOVE Halo. They keep coming back to it. And almost no hardcore fan disliked Halo 5 Multiplayer. Given most of this "Halo as a Platform" will involve small story tidbits and mostly multiplayer activity I think it can last 5 Years. (10 is just unrealistic and you know it)

That was IF the game had been a graphical knockout or atleast passable next gen. The tech and game design are already set in ...

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Better to laugh at your mistakes than to cry on them.
What else they could possibly do PR wise ?

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Looks rough. If it wasn't named Halo looked like a current gen title, not Next gen you would want to show as a first gameplay.

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Imagine Zenimax forcing all their developers to only work with Creation Engine (Fallout).

We get it EA that sharing tech among all your teams would immensely save cost and labor but what good is that if final product is shit. RIP Mass Effect. You're one of the richest publisher on this planet, give your devs some freedom.

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Its always amazing to see how disconnected two gaming forums/sites could be in terms of news affecting both. Any other site and people would have blown the roof off with their annoyance over dismal PSPlus offering. Just an observation.

Me personally, don't mind much. Doesn't play online much but I get my money back over the whole year.

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Yeah seeing the specs I just don't see how this isn't a 499$ machine.
I would had preferred the old 399$ (because 500$ becomes 685$ in my country) but I would be a fool to not want these amazing spec.

In terms of future proofing and money-to-fun ratio, I will gladly pay 685$ for 6 years of amazing fun in 4K,highFPS.

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I can already hear that godly beautiful sound.

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Yup. Not possible at all.
3 way battle with current hardware, Apple and Google going to enter the market, and generally less amount of mainstream games being published in a typical Gen cycle, because if increased dev time.

Not to mention VR hardware will get a mild push in next gen also cannibalizing traditional console sales.
157 million is ONLY possible if MS gives up hardware market, goes totally Gaming-Netflix and Sony/Nintendo remains the only traditi...

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In my humble opinion, 7 out of 10 is still too generous.

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I also do not have concrete details to go around BUT, I am hyped on its developer's legacy.
Same way I was hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 (before the trailer) when I saw how good Witcher series had been.

If you have to give the benefit of doubt to someone, Kojima is definitely in the Top10 like Quentin Tarantino.

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