CRank: 6Score: 24650

Look at the metacritic scores and details to see a better scope of the game critically.

44 reviewers gave it an 8 or higher (2 10s, 14 in the 90s and 28 in the 80s) while only 19 reviewers gave it below an 8 (10 in the 70s, 7 in the 60s and 2 as a 4/10).

I would hardly call this review as the end all, be all assessment of the game.

Although at the end of the day we are all our own best judge of a game's quality, the majority of the critic...

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The metacritic of 85 cannot be ignored. This game is a blast for many.

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This score is a joke, just like Joe is.

The REQ system he blasted so fiercly is WHY we are able to get 15+ free maps between now and June 2016. Also, his "math" is garbage. Not only did he fail to account for ALL Req packs earned from commendations as well as level increases, he also failed to account for the money earned from selling back cards you never use. Thats a HUGE set of variables, either omitted from ignorance or to get attention.


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Not surprised. Sony (every gen) has a lot of games on their platforms, they excel at genre diversity.

My personal tastes made me go Xbox One first (KI, Titanfall, DR3, Ryse, etc) and this holiday is looking good (Fable Legends, Halo 5, RotTR, etc). As for 2016, there are several new IPs like Quantum Break, Scalebound, Recore, Sea of Thieves, as well as sequels like Gears 4, Halo War 2, Crackdown 3 and so on.

However, I am getting a PS4 next year to play games...

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I agree a balance is nice.

New stuff like Sunset Overdrive, Scale Bound, Quantum Break, etc is good as new IP's and fresh games are fun.

Trusted properties like Halo, Gears, Forza, etc are great for fans of the series and safe cash.

Revivals like KI are great for fans of older series, hopefully they can try to make Banjo and Battletoads as epic as KI was.

A mix of games is always good imo.

ADD: this was ...

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If they won't have Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break due to too many games needing to be shown, they HAVE to have some amazing new stuff to show.

Or have gone insane. We will find out Monday!

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Halo 5 - AAA FPS
Gears - AAA TPS
Scalebound - Action game from an amazing studio
Quantum Break - Another fresh IP from an amazing studio
Forza 6 - AAA racing
Fable Legends - fun co-op focused action game
Rare's new (and non kinect)game - the most questionable, could be great could be trash
Crackdown - fun co-op open world chaos

And this is just off the top of my head.

The xbox one isn't barren by...

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The Xbox brand is under repair due to that awful launch strategy. And Sony is definitely dominant this gen and will remain so.

But the Xbox brand is far from dead. It has improved vastly over time, there is a robus line up of games coming, it has been top sales in NA several months out of the last 6 and there is definitely more to come.

Every company has up and down gens. Nintendo sold poorly with the gamecube, only to dominate with the wii. Sony lost a lot ...

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At the least...

Halo 5 (FPS)
Crackdown (Open World)
Scale Bound (Action)
Forza 6 (Racing)
Fable Legends (Action RPG)
*Rise of the Tomb Raider (Timed exc. Open World)
Gears Remaster/Gears 4 possibly being shown (TPS)
Rare's Game (unsure, rumored to be Banjo)
Quantum Break (TPS)

That is a very nice spread of games. And that isn't counting surprise reveals.

I am not saying a...

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EA Access has been a good value. 30 for a year gets you access to a wide range of games (racing, sports, tps, etc) and discounts on EA downloads.

It's a great option to have. And people who don't like it can still buy those games on their own. Choice is good.

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@Dario - yes so true!

Having the option to buy a game on its own OR pay a subscription is just awful. I hate choices and options. Death of the industry, choices will be...

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The PS4 has the better multiplatforms (on average) and it has some quality exclusives.

But personally, I enjoyed what the Xbox One has delivered.

Ryse, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Ori & the Blind Forest are just some of the games I have really enjoyed that weren't on the PS4.

And with titles like Halo 5, Gears 4, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Crackdown, etc down the pipeline, I am a very sa...

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The last TR impressed the hell out of me and was my favorite game that year.

This is a day 1 buy, the studio earned that faith.

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WOW. I am with the majority here...certainly surprised, impressed and curious as to what they will do with this amazing looking tech.

I was expecting another VR machine but am glad to see they are doing their own focus

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Exactly. Every item impresses and disappoints someone, so it seems odd to bash a platform based on my own personal quirks.

Each system has its own titles and perks, to each their own.

While (imo) the ps4 will dominate sales wise, I think each system will deliver fun.

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I have been very impressed with the X1 so far. Games like Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Halo Collection, Forza 5 & Horizon 2, D4 and more have kept me entertained (that isn't even including the obvious third party games like Destiny, Diablo, etc).

And we have games like Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Gears 4, Crackdown, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Halo Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and more in the next year or two.

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Of course it won't. Sony has a better reputation, slightly stronger hardware and as the games start rolling out, the momentum will be unstoppable. They will win this gen hands down.

However, as an X1 owner, that doesn't bug me. As long as MS can still do well (which they can with good pricing and games), we can all play fun games on the console of our choice.

Congrats to Sony and good luck to MS and Nintendo on working towards their own levels of succ...

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I think my 5 favorite moments have been:

- Doing an ultra combo as Orchid (KI)
- Taking down a titan for the first time (Titanfall)
- Survivng a night defense in style (Sunset Overdrive)
- Mowing down zombies with a flamethrower/steam roller (Dead Rising 3)
- Beat all alternate stages (Volgarr the Viking)

But there have been a lot of others would could have made my top 5. I have loved my X1 and look forward to good times in the...

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Wow the negativity is strong on this one.

Yes, the X1 has a lot of catching up to do. And yes it may never catch the PS4.

But if it is successful and profitable and releases fun games, should all the hate be necessary?

This gen, I have played Ryse: SoR, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Dance Central: SL, Halo Collection among others as well as some fun multiplatform (ps4 and x1) titles.

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That is why I put the quotation marks around hateful. Many in the gaming community see a 6 and immediately dismiss the game, mock the game's fans and owners of the console. That score is usually associated with hate.

You may buy a game with his review but most see a 6 and walk away. Also I read the review and that made the 6 all the more baffling.

The campaigns were well done. And there are FOUR OF THEM. But due to online issues he had (which were awful),...

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