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"they have been working their a**s off on this game for years and been very low key with what they choose to show to avoid spoilers"

Do you seriously call this hallway VR experience a hard work ? the development started since February 2014 .. its literally the most easiest and fastest modern development experience they made more than Revelations games and it didn't cost them that much to make it , you can disagree all the way you want but thats basically what ...

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What if it wasn't ? are you going to blame everyone with your direction and your cherry-picking ideas without asking the core fans in the first place about what they want after the failure that is RE6 ?

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How dare you insult my intelligence .. Umbrella Corps DOESN'T EXIST TO ME .. its THAT bad !!!

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With an ugly looking cover like this that hardly anyone notice and that has no RE touch on covers ?
mark my word .. RE7 will be the biggest flop of the series whether Capcom like it or not ..period .
THIS GAME created the most negative expectations to the fans more than RE6 , now everyone blames Capcom

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That mo cap lady is Ashley Johnson ( AKA: Ellie ) shes actually very pretty girl , this the same women who voice her and played the mo cap on the first game time too , all i say is know your angels gurl (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or naughty dog lol

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Absolutely breathtaking .. i'm starting to love this game engine
so many hidden easter eggs on that tank alone wow

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And i can't wait to see you getting banned from N4G for your immature attitude if the mods pay attention to your posts .. you create this account purposely to promote RE7 all the time and trying to play the victim card from time to time , you are absolutely getting on my bloodstream and its getting out of control , its like the same type of trolls on social media's .. i usually don't point my finger into people but YOU , you are the exception.. do you remember me when i called you...

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IS this game actually coming to PC or it was just a rumor ?

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Thought EA singing Taylor Swift song to Nintendo with that title

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I would rather take a romantic musical and emotional story than a bland boring and rushed up boy band road-trip story that doesn't come close to the original vision , funny thing that Nomura isn't that dumb to not keep the action KH gameplay style even after the "Les Miserables’s caliber" inspiration if you read the interview correctly , SE basically thought it would be a bad idea to turn it into that way so they take the crown from him and put it on Tabata's head , and ...

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sacrificing Stella and Nomura's vision wasn't pleasing me at all .. AT ALL

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I hope you are joking ?

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50.000 isnt enough .. they need to reach 100.000 to let Rockstar scratch their head on that thing

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B$ .. say that to Nintendo who secure the rights of Monster Hunter to this day which was one of the major reasons that killed the Vita in the first place , MH was HUGE on the PSP back in the day and it was one of the NO.1 reasons why the PSP got successful .. we don't promote false advertising and hide agenda's here , its the cruel truth whether we accept it or not .. Sony tried as much as they can to keep the Vita alive outside Japan , but Nintendo did their nasty job to make sure th...

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How many times do i have to repeat that this thing is NOT A CONSOLE !
It seems like the majority are saying that but its clearly not , Its basically a hybrid handheld that can be plugged with an HDMI and that's the whole thing behind its limitations .. its "designed" to be a handheld and that's what they are aiming for

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Please for the love of gaming , stop with these 3rd party exclusive B$ especially with Nintendo .. i'm sick of it already .. i'm so so sick of it to the point that i'm about bite my keyboard from anger , bayonetta / Monster Hunter / Fatal Frame situations were bad enough for me as a person who don't collect useless consoles that collects dust on my staircase , its a waste of money and its a complete waste of opportunity for gamers to miss on these games , let it go .

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Its provides nothing new to the industry to save the Survival Horror gene .. its been done to death since 2012
I wasn't gonna say this but i'll say it loud and clear , people who blindly defend this game are complete ignorant's.. and idioits who has no reasoning whatsoever to know the huge difference between a Survival Horror game and a horror game to even compare it with this game .. its unbelievable how people let this slide away so Capcom can do whatever they want base...

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Reported , those fishy disagrees though .. trash talking now huh ! apparently i triggered one of the biggest Capcom tools here who defend Re7 24/7 and he is pretty much known for that , I'm sure N4G mods will also do something about your multiple accounts and your obnoxious behavior .

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This game is the biggest screw up Capcom ever did after RE6 , its like same screw up they did with breath of fire 6
Capcom sacrificed breath of fire for gimmicks , now Capcom will sacrifice RE7 too for a gimmick that's called "VR"

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I thought this was another clickbait post by Septic ,,,

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