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2 of the worst things to me happened in this world atm :
Nintendo + Denuvo
Nintendo should have followed SEGA at the GameCube era .. i blame the fanboys for keeping them alive

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Eonjay YOU DONUT , Japan already has enough problems to give a crap about your LGBT propagandas .. keep that progressive shit to you and to the likes of you and LEAVE JAPAN ALONE , our world is fucked because of this .

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You seem easily impressed by anything like the rest of N4G camp , are you always the "yes" guy who say yes to anything from Sony despite Sony have a huge library of games that needs to be revived , tbh i'm sick of seeing you being the "yes this yes that" type of guy , its just shows the fanboy-ish side of you more than the gaming side

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Why do topics like this catch people interest and why people like generic rehashes , we want something refreshing from the past Sony games on the PS1 / PS2 era not to rehash last gen games , those casuals are ruining gaming

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Fox Keep in mind that you are surrounded by casual newcomers who likes both DmC and RE7 so don't be surprised if those same idiots will do it again in the near future when Capcom screw things up .

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If that's your logic WHY DIIDN'T YOU TAKE THE RISK and bring back fixed camera and pre-rendered backgrounds again in a modern style .. WTF are those idiots smoking trying to justify the overrated circus shitshow that is RE7 , either TAKE THE RISK or don't do gimmicks for the sake of "what the big companies want" , its your idiots fault you created all that fake positivity in the media and in the gaming community for that trash .. stop pretending and go back to your origi...

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Its crazy how our self-thought process is so self-centered that we can't even think about the negative consequences those type of games bring , what does it take for people to open their mind for few seconds and just focus and READ :
the point of my comments you DONUTS is how gaming these days trying to embody the movie industry , THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT of why i'm extremely disappointed by the amount of acceptance these type of games are getting , i'm not saying that...

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- Personal view on today's gaming -
Every single negative motive with negative consequences that affects the future of gaming gets praised on today's gaming , this and the excessively overrated VR hallway simulator called RE7 and the other overrated games is the prime example of why no one should trust the direction that gaming is heading to , i for myself don't speak for anyone , i don't speak for N4G mentality and neither do i speak for any company .. i speak from g...

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Do you understand that i LOATH both OTS and FPS crap , i still to this day stand against the both of them since the mistakes called Dead Aim and Gun Survivor 2 ( i enjoyed Survivor 1 ) , if you are aware that i hate both of those perspectives you do know where i'm coming from .. it doesn't even need explaining .. I 👏 AM 👏 INTO 👏 CLASSIC 👏 STYLE , do you understand now where i'm coming from bobo ? .. end of story and FYI i h...

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Stop calling yourself a "fan" and associate yourself with RE community as if you represent something , you are not a fan and neither is the newcomers loud casuals who liked RE7 , you are just an outsider redneck casual fake fan who finds himself suddenly hooked into gimmicks and trying to shove that crap on our throats because of RE7 .. you the loud casuals are the reasons why Japanese Videogames are getting whitewashed and starting to lose i...

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Fix your character designs first then talk

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I've always seen him as Nathan Drake .. Hell i even hoped we would see an uncharted movie by him

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That's the case my friend .. our iconic videogame character are getting butchered on purpose to cater to the SJW agendas , thanks to the stupid white gaejin that manage Capcom Japan

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naruga you are targeted by a Capcom freak who have multiple accounts , keep your concerns alive .. don't let these idiots shut you up .. speak your mind

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Typical Instagram girl = beautiful
Freaking normies >_>

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But this is publicly a genuine concern , most people who saw Claire were complaining how weird she looks compared to Leon model and her OG models , if you are so easy to give anything a free pass than you are basic and generic like the rest of people .. oh i forgot YOU REPRESENT GENERIC

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Once the time passes .. you will feel the true impact of the consequences

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Sony has every right to protect their own Network architecture from untrusted developers who leak it to hurt the them as a company , this isn't something to joke about .. Sony done that mistake before in the PS3 era and they wont repeat it again

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Nobody is right when it comes to this type of situation , neither the people who criticized the writer or the writer himself
So far we haven't seen much from the game aspects but i think people are twisting the meaning of casuals here , casuals are the type of people who likes simple and easy cinematic experiences and casualized action games , i think the people who called the writer "casual" are the one who perfectly fit into that category simply for defending what we ...

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@Lolyta I can confirm Nintendo 100000% stole Fatal Frame with cold blood

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