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Well, Crash came back as a hit again, with the remakes. Since Activision (or whoever under them) released garbage games about the bandicoot, i'd say they can leave it as it is: a great character that made a great return and now he needs to retire.
It's sad, but Crash is doomed if not in the hands of Naughty Dog. Unless a talented studio manages to re-create the atmosphere and the feeling the good old Crash can give. In that case yes, i'd be more than happy to play a new C...

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So they removed the possibility to connect it to the TV, removed the joycons (or better, "glued" to it),removed the rumble and so on... it's a Switch not switchable with a lot less features and with a price a bit high for what it offers. Mh... ok, i guess people will buy it anyway :P i'm fine with my original one.

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Bad graphics, bad animations, bad comments about it. Good, it seems it's a game to avoid :D

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July PS+: PES2019 --> riots, murders and apocalypse
July PS+: Detroit --> riots, murders and apocalypse
For once Sony listens to the complainers but it's not ok? People are never happy. At this point they could do: PES 2019, Detroit and 2 other games (the car one and something else) and you can choose 1 of the "big ones" and 1 of the indies/small ones. But i'm completely sure that even in that case people will complain about it and many articles like ...

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Here it's full of them. And their offerings are great: get a PS4 for €10*
*if you bring your old PS4 + 10 Joypads + 20 games worth €60 in the list

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i think that's the reason i didn't like it, i valued more the gameplay than the story

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It was only me maybe who didn't like that game, it seems. Remedy would be a great partner for Sony but Alan Wake... i found it very boring. Maybe they make AW2 and things change.

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Yes, great! :D

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Some months ago, the value of the games per month was around $120. Regularly. I'm not saying it has to be like that all the months but the quality of the 2 games needs to improve, according to me. I don't care of the online and multiplayer but sometimes you need it to get the platinum trophy and i don't like that so much. While i like a lot the discounts and double discounts of PS+, in fact in those moments my wallet really cries.

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The offer is very good if you are a fan of EA games. About me... well, it's not for me

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Bah... bad month for me :O

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Couch co-op was funny but i hated the 2 windows :( But that didn't stop us to finish the game and even play multiplayer sessions :P

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Well, well, well... this would be another very appreciated return! :D

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Well, since it's better than FF XV battle system, it's a positive thing. But i really hope it's A LOT better, since i hated FFXV (all, not only the battle system).

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The PS4, even the slim, is still a great choice. But here they speak like the new consoles come out tomorrow...

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Sonic Mania 2 would be great. Other Sonic in 3D environment instead... well... yes, i always hope for a good Sonic "not 2D" game but if it happens i'm almost sure i'm going to be disappointed. Besides Adventures 1/2 and a very small bit Generations, all the other games were horrible for me.

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This makes me a bit sad, i liked the guy ;( I hope the next one will be as good as him.

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People used to "get this item, very well marked on your map, on your screen and with the circle around" won't last long in a place where you had to look and click everywhere to find the item to collect. And that's the smallest problem they're going to face :P If they leave it like ti was, of course.

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Sarcasm abandoned this land, it seems :D

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Everyone likes it but not me :( Well, i don't think that SE will cry if i don't buy their game :P

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