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He basically listened to all the haters. For the worse.

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Wait, haven't you heard? That 2nd blu-ray disk is just 55gb solely of Knights of the Round. Worth it though.

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Edith Finch was magical. Like jumping into a fairy tale.

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@ilikestuff Why So Serious?

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Blizzard can always steep lower

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Rafe was the best Uncharted villain by far.

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Completely agree! It had the best story, setting, music and gameplay!

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Uncharted 4 for me

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I thought X was one of the best FF games. It's quite linear and you can't skip cut scenes, but apart from that it's fantastic. 92 on metacritic/9.0 userscore. I'd agree.

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Time's come to pick a side.

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Bernie Sanders seems good. He seems like he has a good heart. But I know he won't win. Tulsi Gabbard also.

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Naughty Dog can do anything. Imagine seeing a Final Fantasy game by Naughty Dog oh my.

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I'm sorry but none of the DQ games I've played (DQ8-11) even touch FF6-10. DQ11 was a very standard text book JRPG in my books. A solid 8.5. Good, but nothing amazing. That being said the recent FF games suck ass and I'd say the DQ games are at least better than those ones.

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Showing their true colours. People who actually believed in the nonsense of these corporations in the first place have to be ignorant to begin with. I bet the left will keep quiet. Seems all they care about is what's between your legs and not stuff that actually matters...

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I've been a Trump supporter for 3 years, but after the Kurd incident. Fuck him. I hope he loses in 2020.

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You're a goddamn moron. I wonder what you sex life is like.

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Perhaps yes?

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