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It is. Don't buy it. Plus they'll just add lootboxes and MT's later on either way. Plus Xbox players won't get Spec Ops till the next CoD game comes out.

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Cough cough The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII Remake...

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What a pathetic article. Making news out of the most insignificant.

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@razmiran 90 on metacritic/8.9 userscore... not really. Maybe one of the weaker Squaresoft FF games, but still a great FF game and JRPG in general.

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Let people love what they want. Just as you love FF8. Others love FF13.

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Far better than overrated FFIX.

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Well AC Odyssey doesn't have half as good a story as RDR2.

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Get rid of that god awful first person angle.

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Looks fucking dope. The atmosphere looks so eery and realistic at the same time. Love it.

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I hope PS5 is BC with PS3.

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Don't even need a remake. Port Windwaker HD over to Switch. It's a no brainer.

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I'm so cool because I hate something popular.

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The salt is real

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You're so cool

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EA too

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RE4 will always be the best.

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One Piece is the G.O.A.T.

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The flashbacks were some of the best bits in FFVII. Utilised really well. But in FFVIII, well the whole story was a clusterfuck.

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"With the bonus I got with FFVII, I bought a PC and started browsing the net. I was curious about what players thought of Square’s games so I started reading FFVII bulletin boards. The negative remarks which came back the most where “there’s too many flashbacks” and “the story is too sad”. Taking this into account, I decided to write for FFVIII a story where none of the main characters would die. And I really like using flashbacks, giving puzzle pieces to the players. And then make the p...

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