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They are. They're overhyped crap, which everyone makes seem like the next best thing.

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From the guy who gave FF15 a 9....

Maybe he's improved now, but he wasn't such a great reviewer in the past.

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Yup great list.

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Ghost of Tshushima baby

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MW2 and BO1 were the best. MW1 was good for the time.

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You give Sanji a bad name.

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Haha you wish. Sony's first party games have never been terrible. The Order 1886 and Days Gone may not have been amazing, but in no ways terrible, not at least compared to the trash like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay which Xbox put out. I'm sorry you're used to Xbox's low standards.

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The day Sony pack up their bags or sell out, is the day I leave the industry.

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John Kodera is still here lads

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In your dreams. You would probably need 64 Switches in parallel to run Uncharted 4 the way the PS4 does.

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you're gonna buy it either way and you know it

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Obsidian make far better Fallout-esque games than Bethesda ever could.

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Final Fantasy X

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Too many Bethesda fanboys nowadays

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Looks like the Eastern European ones you see on camsites.

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Women have to have a certain threshold of looks to make condescending statements like this, which I'm willing to bet a lot of them don't even have. It took 800 years to decipher the Voynich Manuscript for a reason. Wanna know what it was about? Women -_-

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Cough cough I think you mean BO1

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Something the Xbox will never have. I bet the exclusives for the for Xbox Scarlett Johannson will be lacklustre like that online PvP Ninja game by Ninja Theory.

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really? and how many exclusives have Microsoft produced compared to Sony? Let alone being actually great and getting 87+ and 90+ on metacritic?

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