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If something comes out of this, I'm going to be crying pure tears of joy.

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The thing is, everyone should trust their own eyes and how they feel towards the games. If they think that it looks fun, the natural process would be to buy the game if you can afford it. How people can take other opinions and use them to change their own is beyond me, but I learned to stop bothering with that a long time ago.

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It's because at first they put multimedia features at the forefront even though it's a games console, and that's why it's underpowered. That is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

Not just the next wave. The difference between launch titles will be obvious.

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Check out Videogamer's review. Completely laughable and one reason why Sony should start blacklisting sites who put out questionable reviews.

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Seems like it which is really sad. Developers used the graphical edge of the Xbox to make better looking games than their PS2 counterparts, but now when PS4 has a significant advantage, they won't do the same. What the hell, developers?

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You, me, and thousands of other people around the globe. If Level 5 announce even a spiritual successor to Dark Cloud 2 at TGS, I'll scream like a little girl. :O

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Hey, I remember you. I owned you pretty much always, just like I do everyone else. :P

Just kidding, but some of you people would be welcome to return for a few games before SF comes out. :)

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I think that it should be Cerny's and Yoshida's turn. And put House also in there since they are the 3 musketeers. :D

Also, it's obvious that it's going to be announced at gamescom since it's the last major western trade show.

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I think people are taking this comment the wrong way. He's actually saying that they used the KZ screenshot to "show off the Xbox One" because it looks really good.

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I just wish that they did some research before just translating it so they would know that there isn't such a thing called "shaders computing" but "compute shaders". Nitpicking, but still...

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The backstory is faaaaaaaaaaaar from tiny. Check the link below.

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What credibility?

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I see what you did there, on both occasions. :D

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I really don't understand it. Since when are reviewers allowed to publish a review without finishing the game? That's completely bizarre and hurts their reputation even more, but when you're at the rock bottom, I guess you can't go any lower. -_-

Judging by how much some of the reviewers had been playing the game, I would be more credible to write a review based on my 35+ hours of playtime...

Sad is the entitlement "gaming journalists&quo...

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It'll be always like that: if someone sucks at a game and can't adapt to the way it plays, they will say that the game sucks, not themselves. Nothing that can be done about it.

They should be happy that they succeeded in taking out the identity out of KZ3, and probably Shadow Fall, with their constant "the controls suck" complaints. I just hope that GG tried to deliver a better story this time around and that the gunplay is at least similar to KZ2. This shou...

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Since when does £==$? $==€? Yes. This only means what I'm saying from the beginning: £299/$€399, October/November launch. If only we Europeans get it at the same as the others, it'll be marvelous.

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Hahaha. Dude, you wish. If the rumors are true that Sony is helping out with its development, you will not be seeing Versus on Xbox. You'll have to make do with other games it's going to have, if it will. :P

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All games WILL be playable via Remote Play. They just said that they have hardware to help Remote Play go smoother and that devs don't have to do anything extra to make it playable.

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Yeah, nVidia is going to say good things about the PS4 hardware even though Sony ditched them, right?

(._. )

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Seems legit...


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