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Tencent is bad for the industry, so it's consolidation of the industry.

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So tired of responses like this. Do they pay your bills? Are you like bagging someone who works for Sony? Are you a Sony employee or something? Grand standing and shilling for corporations is what is wrong with the world today. It's business not a god damn friend of yours. He is a customer and has a right to express what he would like to see from that business. Wish people would stop trying to take the identity of some corporation as their own and defend it.

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How many times are they going to remake that game?

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That sucks for those people but seen this coming.

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Don't know why they are even bothering, the first game had a tacted on MP and it wasn't very popular they shut it down like a year later. Just leave single player games alone, there is room for all types of game with out messing things up. 🙄 But greed knows no bounds I guess.

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Not surprised honestly

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Yeah no it wasn't.

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They don't care they raised the price so losing the numbers doesn't matter

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Got to sell them back to you later they can't/aren't going to give you a full game a launch.

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Yeah cause the game isnt releasing til 11/9/22

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Well bash your audience and that's what happens 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Exactly they shut down a game to release it again with almost no change and sold it back and.morons bought it 🙄

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A warner bros game runs like crap? No way really?

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No thanks. You guys killed the franchise because it wasn't profitable and now you want to cash in on a remake. Gross

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Communists Chinese conglomerate

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Nice to know you'd sell yourself to communism for a price.

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Exactly trash games with little effort built around not a good experience but endless money spending

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Well I'll be looking to hear in a year or so Tencent has bought up a big stake in Sony.

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Spencer just shifted MS focus but their push to make everything digital make no mistake is still there, that's why game pass exists because they want to be the Netflix of gaming and if the current state of streaming services isn't teaching people anything then I don't know what will.

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No company in China is independent of the Chinese communist party or it's influence. It's not a joke China has been for year trying to shift world perception through money dumped into media especially in America and Europe. That's a problem and if you want to put your head in the sand about go ahead.

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