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Ohhhh i see. So the 360 actually has an exclusive(since everyone around here including me thinks the 360 needs more of them) and acording to you its still a bad thing that Cryteks next game is 360 exclusive?

Damned if you do and damned if you dont with this logic.

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Yea the PS3 Mass Effect 2 gets like a digital comic book where you get to make only big decisions from the first game, and not actually play it an make the dozens upon dozens of smaller choices that pop up again in ME2.

Thats not the best version, in my opinion.

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Because theyre insecure and feel compelled to post lists all the time.

Regardless of what exclusives come out this year for Xbox, i'll be playing the new Ghost Recon, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 2, Gears of War 3, the new Tomb Raider, Bullet Storm, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, XCOM, Red Faction Armageddon, and any other quality title that catches my eyes as the year progresses.

Combined with work, girlfriend, and various other activities, thats all i'l...

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So a random MS phone developer posts a tweet about liking a kids work, and that means that the whole Microsoft company wants him, huh?

Cause im pretty sure thats what the biased title is implying.

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No one on N4G understands how crucial cross-game chat on XBL really is. Its way too annoying to have to stop what your doing just to talk to someone. What if someone is messing around in Halo Reach, but you dont really like Reach? You want to talk to him, but that means you having to play Reach just to do it. Or what if your in the dashboard listening to music while their friend is trying to play LIMBO? Someone is going to have to exit out just to chat a bit.

Why do you think...

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Im not a racing fan, nor do i like LBP. And i have Fallout 3 GOTY edition.

So, for some, there isnt as much value as you think.

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MS cared very much for gamers during Xbox 1 days.

Games exclusive to Xbox that i loved dearly included Halo CE and Halo 2, Star Wars Kotor 1 and 2, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Jade Empire, Indigo Prophecy, and Star Wars Republic Commando.

I dont like the Kinect shift at all.

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Wanna play that game?

Ninja Gaiden bested God of War's hack n' slash gameplay years ago.

Oh well =).

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Not defending Activision or Black ops...but if anyone here plays black ops on PS3, thats what you get for your free online service.

If activision can shut its servers down on PS3, so can any other publisher.

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some smart people already pointed this out, but since its not getting through, i'll say it too.

IGN only scores with increments of ".0" and ".5" now. They figured that .1's and .2's didnt mean anything, so they changed it. Theres no way they can fix it and make it a 9.6 like the 360 version.

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Splinter Cell Conviction pioneered a new, fast paced stealth genre. It wasnt about pointless gimmicks. You still stuck to the shadows, climbed on ceiling and wall pipes, took human shields, shimmied along ledges, etc. You just do it in a faster, more action oriented manner than the typical slow paced stealth game.

i beat the game twice and if you get good with some of the tools that the game gives you, youre a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention the story was quite soli...

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i dont give a damn if people disagreed with me above.

There are tons of better looking PC games than the best looking PS3 exclusives. If a PS3 emulator were real, the only thing keeping a PC from running it is "The Cell" and unique and complex way it works. But even with the complex Cell processor, it still doesnt produce games that LOOK better than PC exclusives.

Anyone denying this is silly.

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The pinnacle of gaming? Damn, broaden your horizons a bit.

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Im pretty sure that any solid PC gaming rig could run all PS3 exclusives very well and then some. There are many more impressive titles for the PC only.

the only problem for PS3 emulators is compatibility issues.

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Because the US, being the largest location for western developers and consumers, doesnt count and all.

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Yea, many people seem to forget that Microsoft is doing the exact same thing that the PS2 did, which is grab up third party devs and increase their market share.

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Since when did anyone give a damn about France?

im absolutely sure that games dont sell near as well in France as they do in the US or Japan.

"Herp derp but plenty of people went to see 'Meet the Spartans' in Thailand! It doesnt matter if people hated it in the US!"

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The gameplay in almost any game has worse graphics than its cutscenes. Thats because cutscenes, even using the game engine, are touched up to look awesome since they are scripted and pre-rendered.

However, Mass Effect 2's gameplay graphics are still very good. Ive beaten the first and second Mass Effect several times, i know this more than most.

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Gears of War multiplayer is just as good as Uncharted multiplayer. The first Gears multiplayer was fine except for things like host advantage. Its Gears 2 that tarnished it.

And for the guy saying Uncharted 1's graphics look better than any Xbox game, im pretty sure Mass Effect 2, along with several others, has it beat.

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Dont worry. Im sure i played Halo CE more than anyone here.

Youre trying to argue stupid little details. Halo brought the idea of anything regenerating in combat. once your shield was depleted, your health didnt last long at all. You had to hide and wait for your shield to RECHARGE, the same thing you do in most modern FPS games.

Halo simply provided an excellent story reason why it technically was not health that was ridiculously and randomly regenerating. ...

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