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damn. the girl in the striped shirt gets around.

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youre just mad that legendary figures like superman and indiana jones help define us. who do you have? russel brand?

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he was trying to be funny by saying his comp cant handle internet. but he really means that bf3 and many other games are too much for it.

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because he just said all his friends have xbl. even if he wanted kratos and to have cross plat play, hed be playing alone so who cares. im getting the 360 versions for the same reason.

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Hurr hurr God of War is milked since they came out with remakes then hurrrrr.

Also MGS is milked since they have about 15 games out hurrr.


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This is exciting news, if so i cant wait!

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Yea the little bit more you pay in taxes is much better than the thousands upon thousands youd have to pay if you needed kidney surgery or something in the US.

Health care here is a scam, even with insurance.

On topic, this is an excellent deal.

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Lol if its not Joe Average shooter than what is it?

You fight aliens, the scenery is covered in black and gray half the time, it has a solid MP like any good shooter, etc.

im sorry but some people look for more than graphics just like how some people look for more than special effects in a movie.

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The title of this article is misleading and people are reading this wrong.

Killzone 3 doesnt have 3x more polygons used in the models, environments, etc. Everyone is thinking about it in the context of "Helghast soldier used to be made of 20,000, now he is made 60,000 polygons", but this isnt the case.

The studio means that they are generating more polygons at once(probably from the increase in draw-distance), meaning the game will probably have alo...

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Lol at the guy above with Dead Space Extraction.

If you care so much that the PS3 version came with that semi-okay Wii port then more power to ya.

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Five year old gaming hardware is starting to show its limitations? I ask you all, who would have guessed it????

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I know Sony has first party studios, however studios like Insomnia and the studio that made Enslaved used to only be PS3 centric even though they are not first party. Now they are making multiplat titles. So Sony doesnt only have first party studios that side with them. And everyone here is having a hard time excepting that a studio wants to be a bit 360-centric for once. Its fanboyism and jealousy.

Btw, i never saw anything about how Crytek claimed its graphics engine "...

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So several game developers are on the PS3's side, but its blasphemy for any one dev to lean towards the 360 some?

Talk about being stupid and biased.

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Actually, other than the PC version the 360 version is the best because you can actually play the first game and carry over your choices and profile into the second game.

Its way better than the crappy, half-assed comic book solution they came up with for the PS3. Hey guys, were gonna release the Empire Strikes Back first, and two years later give you a comic book of A New Hope, the one that comes before!

PS3 version is inferior because of this.

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You are insane. It looks good for a handheld but it still isnt as good as 360 graphics. Your just blind fanboy who makes absurd claims and makes yourself look dumb.

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Yea MGS has like fifthteen games, Final Fantasy has more than 20, COD has seven, Mario has dozens, but Halo has six and its being milked?

Give me a break.

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Correction. 360 owners like OPTIONAL installs, not mandatory ones.

On a side note, two discs means lots of content, so thats good news in my book.

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im not saying shes as special as every makes her out to be either. Im just saying, given the chance, youd be all over her.

And to HxCGamer, ive gone out with two, very pretty gamer girls before. Trust me, the fact that a girl plays games is a false veil that in no way dictates how cool a girl can be.

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Those screenshots still look pretty good. Im downloading the demo now to see for myself.

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i almost positive that if Olivia Munn was a regular chick and lived near you, and you could tell she was into you, youd be all over her. No hesitation. So its kinda pointess for you to put up the act, the "oh shes not that special" gag. just sayin.

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