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good devs are good devs, im sure their next game will be great, like they always have been in the 20 years of Bungie existence.

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Seems like a fair statement to me. The game that single-handedly saved the Xbox brand from extinction is what Xbox gamers are most excited for.

Nothing wrong with that, hopefully it will be great like the others.

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Well, in Halo objective game modes of anywhere from 4v4 to 8v8, its normally a very efficient strategy to keep one or two guys at a distance and focus on killing to defend/capture the objective while the rest of the team tries to take the objective.

Killing has its place in objective too, one role out of several that contributes to successful strategy. Support guys(like the new Support class in BF3 that combines the medic abilities and ammo giving from the old Rifleman class)...

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GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption have very well directed cutscenes. Halo, MGS, andseveral more have way better cutscenes than Gears, and i own them all.

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Damn, Crysis 2 sucks? Its seriously like a 6.0 or below?

What game did i beat then? Coulda swore it was a good one. Is this one of those exaggerated high standards issues?

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KZ3 has a good MP but its campaign is nothing to brag about. The story is lifeless, the main characters are boring, and the campaign levels are just to give you something to do.

KZ3 has better graphics and a well implemented MP, but thats it. I know that sucks to hear since KZ is suposed to be the PS3's Halo or whatever, but youre kidding yourselves if you think the campaign is anything more than decent.

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Already talking about DLC and the game isnt even out. Lets see if this Sony exclusive gets the same hate treatment that other games have gotten recently. Games that talk about DLC before release.

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Im sure Uncharted 2 is an awesome game if i had the chance to actually play the whole thing, but i just thought that guy's comment was a bit exaggerated.

Uncharted 2's environments look great, but they have much less interactive elements than BF3's will have, so its whatever you prefer.

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Did anyone else notice that this site translated the game's title to "The Elder Scrolls V: The Old Republic"?

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Eh not really.

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Is everyone here somehow forgetting that Battlefield 3 supports a full-on destructible environment system? Maybe that's why 60FPS is impossible for BF3 to achieve but Rage, COD, and GOW3 can do it? And lets not forget that the console version of BF3 is no slouch in the graphics department either.


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Its probably a container of chewing gum or candy or something.

"Its time to kick ass and chew gum. And im all outta gum."

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I could ask you the same thing, PirateThom.

People talk big about Uncharted, but it wasnt even going to have LAN until PSN went down for weeks?

Games have been releasing with LAN features for more than a decade. Seems a bit funny to me, it should have had it all along.

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You mean it wasnt going to have LAN before? The original Halo, which is ten years old, had LAN. Not to mention lots of other older games.

I thought that was standard in games now, guess not.

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Shame that your opinion sucks.

Youve played it all the way through then have you?

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Bungie added the same thing to Halo 2 seven years ago for free.

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Yea because the knights of the old republic series sucked so hard.


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although the RPG elements were toned down some in Mass Effect 2, it was still very, very good in many other ways.

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just gears and forza?

exclusive or not ill be buying(or have bought):
-battlefield 3
-dead space 2
-portal 2
-LA Noire
-gears 3
-crysis 2
-mortal kombat

i think ill be ok this year. i dont like racing games so no forza for me. i might not even get all of those because thats alot to spend on games. i have a lovely woman and a life.

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lol hes 0 and 20 so far.

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