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Ive dated a tiny girl with huge boobs, i know theyre out there. Old Lara just looks a bit cartoony. But that doesnt make new Lara any less interesting, especially after 15 years of seeing old Lara. Time to change it up and go with a new setup, Casino Royale style.

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Most of these guys must date fat girls because although its possible for a girl to be proportioned with a fit, tiny waist and huge boobs(like the old Lara Croft), its a very rare occurrence.

Most girls that have huge boobs also have more to love around the mid section or hips, which i guess is fine if youre into that kinda thing. Thats why its easy to look at the old Lara and think that her character design is a bit silly.

i like the new Lara Croft style bet...

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Welp, then its a good thing i wont own a 3D tv for years to come, have no interest in movement gaming, and already own the first Bioshock. And i dont have any time or money to mess with a handheld game device, and wont for a long time.

Not superior for me.

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The action in the Spec Ops trailer looks pretty fun, but when you stop and think, its still the same old stuff as its always been. Its the its the little details of the BS thats different.

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Holy shit, he was the soldier with the barbed wire staff in the film "Platoon" !

Great actor, horrible loss.

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Rambo came out before video games were even three-dimensional. Saying "oh well MGS(a game that was inspired by Rambo)is already Ramboish, and so is far cry and COD, we dont need a Rambo game" isnt logical. If anything is deserving of a respectable game, Rambo is it.

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For anyone who disagreed with this guy, Colonel Campbell in MGS is directly modeled from Colonel Trautman in the Rambo series. Snake himself wears a headband and is a one man army just like John Rambo.

Scroll down the page when you click on the link to see the first few posts in this forum and it will show the inspirations for Snake, Campbell, and Metal Gear in general.

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Mm, mm, mm, mm, oh come on, oh come on, get down! Im dancin, im dancin!

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MGS4 and Halo 3 run at 640p. Wanna fight about it?

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Actually when Arnold returned in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" in 2003, he was 55 years old and his body was fantastic and you could barely tell he aged in the face. No CGI either.

Nathan Fillion has experience with games, starring in Halo 3: ODST as a main character, and has knowledge of film from Serenity and Firefly. Throw in the fact that he is respectful of the Nathan Drake role, is enthusiastic about playing the role, and looks a lot like Drake, and yo...

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It wont be 20 or 30 bucks for a long, long time. For some reason, even though a new Call of Duty is already released, the previous installment takes forever to have a significant price drop.

I dont get it.

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Star Wars is badass. However, i wouldnt use fans who dress up as Jedi for the hell of it and have Star Wars marriages as a way to judge Star Wars' actual quality. So if nopunctuation was serious, he's kinda wrong.

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Actually theres plenty of reduced price DLC and reduced price arcade games on the XBL marketplace that makes your 400 go a long way.

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Interesting choice of words indeed, however an extra 400 MS points just for buying a game you want is a good deal anyway.

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Services free elsewhere? PSN doesnt have two of those services you mentioned, and thats the point.

For someone like me who values my friends so dearly, cross game chat and invites are important for me. Sometimes i wont even bother staying online if none of my friends are on.

The N4G community must keep around shitty friends or really havent used the XBL service or something because they act like four guys in party chat who dont all have to have the same exac...

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Yes, they have said on multiple occasions that they have heard the outcry of deeper RPG elements, so not only have they stepped up the action in ME3, theyve fleshed out the RPG elements more to appeal to their dedicated fans.

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umm, no.

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Im wondering why anyone even cares that websites are comparing games. Theyre games, something to play and dick around with in your spare time. Why not just let these websites collect their hits and have fun comparing third-person cover shooters or modern battlefield FPS's?

Plus, you dont have to read the article anyways.

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My biggest problem is that enemies, completely engulfed in tall grass or bushes, could ALWAYS see and know where you are at all times. Theres no way in hell any person could see perfectly through all that foliage and jungle, yet the A.I. was deadly accurate when they really shouldnt have been.

And when you get to the second territory, mortar guys could spot you from what seemed like miles away and begin perfectly launching their rounds and hitting you.

And th...

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