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im not sure i understand some of the criticism.

Ive beaten both Crysis games and i found that, compared to most FPS titles, i had plenty of freedom to run around and approach firefights in different ways.

Customizing my weapons was subtle but appreciated, especially since silencers actually worked unlike other games where its only an aesthetic difference. When i alerted the enemy of my presence, they shot flares to the sky and shortly after i was punished wit...

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Article keeps mentioning stores ive never heard of, probably all in the UK.

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No one is saying that better games arent made because the PS3 is harder to develop for, they are just saying that since the 360 is basically like a PC hardware-wise, its easier to make games for and next gen consoles should keep it in mind.

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this GameZone guy likes to praise all the Sony remakes very highly, which may be true, but he acts like they are the only ones have good remakes.

I will be brave and say that Halo CE Anniversary is the best remake so far. The resolution, textures and models were all created from scratch rather than just upscaled like the MGS collection and ICO collection were. And new things were added like skulls that modify gameplay, and terminals that added much more in-depth story inform...

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Halo has always had a terrible single player? wtf?

Halo is among the highest quality and refined shooters out there. Even if you dont like it, show some respect for that game that started the popularity and revolutionized modern console shooters.

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marky mark didnt do many favors for Max Payne, and hes as big as anyone else.

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Everyone on n4g is saying they have already seen tons of these games this gen and its not very exciting from just a trailer when alot of you just finished praising and hyping The Last of Us in other articles for only its trailer, which is pretty much yet another zombie game.

Neither have hardly any details on them yet at all yet it seems as though some people already adore The Last of Us and wont give this one an inch, and Fortnite could be amazing.

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Splinter Cell Conviction was a turd? Since when? Certainly we cant be thinking of the same game that had great reviews across the board and i beat twice. Certainly not.

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for a guy like me who has constant navigation problems like getting off the interstate at the wrong exit ive never had problems with finding my way using skyrim's map.

but im sure that just enough people will complain so that bethesda axes a cool idea like a 3d map in the next game. thats the way it works with every game series.

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At least it will be a day 1 patch instead of a day 50 or 60 patch like some other titles.

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Truthfully, i know too many people who are consumed with games like Angry Birds, yet they couldnt guide their way out of a brown paper bag with a dual thumbstick gamepad.

Its depressing, but thankfully there are just as many people out there who grew up with Playstation and Xbox consoles like me who will not just simply toss them aside. Just like how the Atari 2600 and NES were childhood staples for alot of gamers of that generation, the N64, PS1, and Original Xbox were the ...

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Dont scold me for wanting to collect opinions from game sites before spending 60 dollars on a game i may or may not like.

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agreed. although 3D is a nice little diversion, or more harshly put, a gimmick, it truly is only a way to get more money from the consumer. Companies need a fresh new idea, and 3D is it for them.

Movie ticket prices inflated, companies expecting you to rebuy your TV for 3D purposes, eventually games may even cost more do to their 3D support.

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Well, i mean you people keep paying to go see those 90% CGI movies, so stop it and theyll wise up.

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I was just thinking of the original Medal of Honor too!!!

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EA owns the rights to use Porsche in their games exclusively, not Porsche itself.

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Oh shit! Tiled shading instead of deffered shading!!!

How will life go on??

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Youre close. The explanation from George Lucas was that a Jedi does not take revenge, so as a reference to that, they named Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

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Gears playable for the first time in Germany, derp.

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Really? Its hard to take a racing game that imports half of its car models from a PS2 game seriously.

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