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Hmmm, no..I'm not paying twice for one service since I am using both of the services.

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I think you misunderstood me. Halo 2 on xbox live was the dominate online console game of the xbox/ps2 generation. Meanwhile, Ps2 was struggling with a very poor online interface and setup because you had to have that separate component to get your ps2 online. It's for that reason that xbox live has had a vey strong start and has continued to build loyalty and social appeal over the years, it's the same reason why so many people are willing to pay 15 a...

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My favorite was when Fox News said Mass Effect 1 was a porn game that had full frontal nudity in it. Keighley put that ignorant bitch in her place during the short debate that was held.

It's not even possible to get a nip slip in Mass Effect 1 either.

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So which part about my above post didn't you like? Im curious because its obvious no one liked to hear a different point of view i guess. Was it the part about xbox live and halo 2 being one of the best gaming experience of that generation? Or the part where I said you couldn't play online without a ps2 with the separate component? Or the part where you socially dead keyboard warriors hated where I said that the community was massive and strong? Don't get all ass chapped because y...

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you've probably spend hundreds of dollars on useless sugary sodas or something similar over the years, so what's your point?

Where you see something cold and tasty(xbox live) I see excess calories and stupidity.(why are you paying for Live?). It's subjective.

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The community and refinement of xbox live have been building a strong foundation ever since the older days where Halo 2 dominated everything online in the console world and new ps2 users were wondering why they couldn't play online on the PSN straight out of the PS2 box. It was a ripe and exhilarating time to be apart of halo 2 and even halo 3s community on the 360 and I know for a fact that the same social experience wouldn't have been replicated on Sonys free service. For me, of cou...

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Halo Wars has sold a few million, and still has probably around 10,000 playing daily, which i decent seeing is how the top played games lists week after week are dominated by three COD games. It deserves a sequel and the demand for it is there.

Personally, i still play Halo Wars and last i checked ive put close to 450 hours over the past three years into it. My skill is extremely refined with the game and IMO its literally the best console RTS out there, since ive tried man...

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regardless of this article's quality, it doesnt change the fact that MGS4's online was shit.

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you may have a job, kids and a wife, but your tone says you don't have much of a life. No wonder you don't have any friends.

why are you on a gaming forum talking about playing games, grown up? Is it because you don't have xbox party chat or friends to talk about this stuff with? I'm telling ya, if you had party chat like us 17-22 year old kids, you could easily use it to get all that piss and pouting and vinegar out of your system....

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actually you're right, I'm 21 years old, I'm going to the state police academy in a couple of months, and I don't use stupid sayings like "smh", I though only Facebook goers and high school girls used things like that. Maybe afte a few years of being an officer I'll be a bitter and cynical older guy like you too?

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Im pretty sure if i switched to only PS3 the only thing that would happen is that i would miss talking to my friends, something i do almost every night. If my friend was playing shadows of the damned, id be shit out of luck for awhile. and who really needs to pay attention to that game, or any game for that matter unless its your first time playing it? You're being stubborn, if multiple players talking to each other in multiple games was a stupid idea, then me, ...

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the cell phone thing really isnt practical. Seriously, there are many more things you could have brought up for why Live isnt worth the money than that.

But, its pretty useful to have cross game chat. While im playing minecraft, a game where you dont need to pay attention to story or doesnt require crucial communication, i can talk to my friend whose been playing Resonance of Fate. Our chat party stays open for other friends who are doing their own thing to join us in our bas...

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You wouldnt either.

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All there doing with far cry 3 is making the narrative more focused, which was a problem with far cry 2. Far cry 2 had almost a nonexistent story with not much motivation to complete the main missions other than to get diamonds. Ubisoft is not making the game in general more "linear", only segments of the core missions will have scripted scenes like what you saw. There will be tons to do besides story missions, which is another improvement over far cry 2, and there will be lots to e...

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If you knew what the far cry games offer in terms of freedom and scope then you would be more excited for it. Far Cry 3 is one of my most anticipated games. I've followed the far cry games since they were released and while each one has pros and cons, and each one is "yet another fps", the light tactical decisions, gunplay, and atmosphere are strikingly fresh in farcry compared to other shooters.

Animal powers and being stuck on an island with PMCs on farcry 1, ...

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humbleopinion said it way better than I did, and he is especially right about Epic.

Everyone misunderstand "best developer" and "best game". People want to praise Santa Montica simply because they're game had good graphics and was a good game, but that can have little to do with the developers personality. Did they dev innovate? Did they pack all of their games with content? Were they close and responsive to their fanbase? These are questions that yo...

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Bungie is one of the top devs this gen. They added very refined features to Halo 3, such as map editing and a theater mode way before FPSs like black ops started doing it. also had extremely specific stat tracking and integration features for players of Halo 3 and Reach, such as heatmaps and easy render to video. These are things they didn't even have to do.

Add to that that Bungie remained extremely close to their fanbase by putting weekly news updates called ...

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Oh, stealth disagrees. I see. Im not sure what part of my post was wrong. Care to actually provide an explanation as to why i am wrong? There are lots of characters in the PS Battle Royale game that came out of the PS1 era before the xbox even existed. The playstation has had 17 years and nintendo has had 20+ years to build characters, while the xbox has only had 11.

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so, if it were released in november with Halo 4 and cod then theres two much bigger games than RE6 and Bioshock releasing still. Since the first poster mentioned sales and said cod is novembers only big game for some stupid reason Halo 4 should have been brought up.

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To be fair the xbox has only had two generations while the playstation has had three console generations and various handhelds and nintendo has like five and a bazillion handhelds. another generation or two and xbox would have plenty.

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