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microsoft pays EVERYBODY off according to the idiots on this stupid site

Game sites around the internet including IGN gives Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect, etc 9's, 9.5's, and 10's but..- MICROSOFT PAID THEM ALL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIAS SITES BIAS SITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!RESISTANCE 2 GOT A TRUE 9.5 FROM IGN BUT HALO 3's 9.5 FROM IGN IS ALL BS ITS ALL HYPE ITS A FLOP BLAH BLAH BLAH

And now when sony's sales are still good but still selling the least of all three cons...

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since theres been like 13-14 MGS games ever released, and only 3 halo games have ever been released, with one due in a few months and an expansion coming a year from now, (for a total of 5 games if you count the expansion) your arguement is unfair and really falls flat my friend. as stated above, the last halo game came out a year ago and the ps3 and 360 have been taking turns leading each other in sales all throughout 2008, and i expect there are many announced games for both consoles due fo...

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Fable 2

Left 4 Dead

Gears of War 2

those are some pretty sweet console exclusives we got this year, not to mention the 360 also got higher scores than ps3 for multiplatform games with:

Rock band 2

Fallout 3

Burnout Paradise

Dead Space

btw Bioshock got a 9.5 for ps3 this year, while the 360 version which came out a year ago got a 9.6 on metacritic. see ya guys later.

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you guys know these videos are fake right? the first video he clearly misses on purpose so he will die and throw out some fake anger. The second vid is fake too, lots of people did these kinds of fake anger videos when halo 2 had just came out just search those on youtube too and you'll see what i mean if you care about this article for whatever reason.

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actually ghoul, the 30$ Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion also requires the original game, it was sold on the XBL marketplace, sold as a package by itself in stores, and also included in the GOTY edition of oblivion, and that was a year ago so you are misinformed my friend, the GTA DLC requiring the original game is nothing new

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this guy sounds like a robot

second, he doesnt know what he is talking about, he said that "Horde mode, in which 4 players can battle up to 50 waves of locusts..", but you can have 5 players not 4. see what im talking about? if he cant get the stone hard facts straight what weight does this video hold?

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this is one of the most bias, ridiculous articles out there.

"Stood in line for 20 hours in the rain"- im surprised he didnt add in a meteor shower and a tornado

"he also informed me he will be purchasing a playstation 3 as soon as possible"- well who didnt see that coming from a mile away right?

Microsoft doesnt do this bullsh*t all of this is propaganda

Sony: the amazing, kind, generous, loving, caring, home-gr...

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thats an unfair thing to say seeing is how Halo Wars will only be the 4th Halo game, while Recon will be the 5th if you count expansions as full games, where as MGS has about 15 games out in the past 20 years, thats 1 game every 1-2 years. Halo 1, 2, and 3 all have 3 year gaps between them, halo wars will have a two year gap from halo 3, and halo 3 recon will have a one year gap from halo wars.

my point is, statistically speaking, MGS is more likely to sell out and release its ...

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Then Infinity Ward could release a statement saying it takes over 500 hours of gameplay to beat cod4's singleplayer, and unlock everything in multiplayer by prestiging 10 times!!!

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Gears of War 2 has:

1 singleplayer story: 5 Acts, each with 6 chapters, Ign states on the normal difficulty its about an 7-8 hour campaign which is longer on harder difficulties.

Co-op mode with two people. Take on the campaign with your best buddy and feel a true challenge, not an 8 player co op mode added just for show, running around fraging everything.

Horde Mode: go up against 50 waves of increasingly difficult enemies with you and 4 others. ...

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i admit i shed a small tear when Seargent Johnson died in Halo 3, he'd been a strong, funny character since the frst game and to see him get shot from behind made me feel pretty sour. The music that plays as he dies conveys the atmosphere of the situation, and the cinematography helped to build the scene.

Not too many game series can build good characters that the player can actually care about like Halo, Metal Gear Solid, and other RPG's and good shooters can.

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LOL ShinGino, i have just two things to say, then a link:
Halo 3 Forge Map Editor and Community File Sharing provided on sorry man.

ok, im ready for the Sony Defense Force now.

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lol on top of Grand Theft Auto, Devil May cry, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, we also got Virtua Fighter 5 and Unreal Tournament 3

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1. Actually pwnsause according to the NPD sales, the 360 outsold the ps3 in May by 900 units, and im sure thats not the only time since then thats happened, so no, not 9 months, sorry.
2. Even then, the 360 was launched a full year before the PS3 and has been in the lead for a year and a half in software and hardware sales, not to mention the are over 12 million subcribers to xbox live(service you pay for), far more than that of PSN(free).

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some people just get ticked when halo is brought up, especially sony dudes, because it broke serious sales records and continues to be on of the most played online games. Halo 3 had an amazing cutscene ending after the credits, and as far as im concerned they need to leave Master Chief's story alone while its still good but if they can get some good spin offs to the story then sure why not.

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its also taken two years to get an actual online service on the ps3.

As of right now i can see my friend playing gears of war(which won game of the year from most of the top gaming sites. 360 exclusives are great=).)then send him a private chat invite while im playing Halo 3. Not possible on psn.

I hear psn also just recently upgraded to be able to send voice messages, something available to 360 owners 2 years ago. lol.

xbox lives online features ...

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for me a good story is almost essential for the singleplayer aspect. gives me a reason to get to the next level and finish the game. gameplay is simply not enough to satisfy me, maybe is it for some other easily satified ppl.

Halo trilogy, MGS series, Bioshock, GTA series, Gears, Mass Effect, KotOR, all are games which have a great story and dialogue, and without their great stories they wouldnt be the games they are. Weve seen fantastic stories done in zombie flicks, like 28 d...

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"Unreal Engine III = old"?????
Since its only 2 years old and the third installment of the classic Unreal Tournament game (PS3 and 360) runs on it??? Resistence 2 looks awesome but no better, 300 foot bosses isnt always a good thing, neither is 30 vs 30 MP games, that just means there will be less strategy and more mindless run and gunning. Gears is squad based multiplayer, not huge battles and sh*t.

it all started from the first post, that idiot who said only ...

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its meta score is 7.7 jackasses, and c- doesnt mean a game is bad, 1up isnt even the biggest game site wtf wait until IGN gives its review or something, f***ing ps3 idiots probably sat around and anxiously awaited the first major Too Human review like its christmas so they can chew apart every aspect they can, i wont get this game cause its not my kinda game but im sure its decent, friggin morons

4731d ago 0 agree3 disagreeView comment need to learn to type before you get on here and make an opinion?

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