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This game can't be that hard to get right, If they nail gameplay I wouldnt give a damn about graphics.

Give me reasonable sandbox elements like somewhat open level design, destructable trees and flimsy cover, stealth that let's me secretly wipe out whole areas if I'm good enough, and somewhat competent enemy A.I. and I will be more than pleased because I love the films and it wouldnt take much more than that to make me happy. May the devs could throw their own sto...

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Drake wouldn't have to be with anyone. In Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo ODST and Halo Reach the game literally adds a second Master Chief or whoever the main character is and the game makes up for it by increasing enemy counts and difficulty when a second player is added. In Halo 3, which has 4 player coop, the other three players play as Elites who are pretty much Master Chiefs equal in terms of physical ability and the elites are only present when other players are...

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Story and gameplay are personal preference when it comes to halo vs killzone, but I'd be baffled if anyone thought killzone offered more variety and content than halo.

Killzone was created specifically to compete with halo so that the playstation could have it's own sci fi fps. That doesnt mean kz copied, but That alone shows the impact halo has had on games.

Halos story is much deeper and more interesting in my opinion. There is a reason why Peter j...

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Not sure if serious..

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A few possible choices for me would have to be:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the extremely large, beautiful, and immersive land in a 2006 game.

Mass Effect 2 for its excellent characters and engrossing adventure, especially the end with the suicide mission and all your hard work beng shown step by step.

Halo 3 for the hundreds of hours staying up til the ass crack of dawn with good friends in the matchmaking and map editor, and also it&...

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The first 2 or 3 years the 360 was out were hell, but Microsoft ended the problem for the most part 2 to 3 years ago after they stared coming out with the Elite models, thats not an entire generation. Plus any console that bricked had a 3 year warranty with it that set MS back about a billion dollars. It sucked but some of these people who say they "bought" 3 consoles or more are either lying, didn't know about the warranty, or bought that many in the short time before the warra...

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How the hell is it MSs fault when a studio is ruined, but not Sonys fault when they have to shut a studio down? It wasnt Microsofts fault when Rare messed up on perfect dark zero, it was Rare's. It was a shooter like the previous game, kinda hard to mess that up unless you're careless or make a dumb radical change.

Microsoft aren't as evil or stupid as most here claim.

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They obviously use elements from Nolans films in the Arkham series. The Joker has the same messed up face paint and the same scar-style lip paint as Heath Ledgers Joker(but a hairstyle like the cartoon), and Two-Face has the grisly, realistic messed up left side face as The Dark Knight(but his clothes are split up black and white like the cartoon)

The whole atmosphere of the Arkham games is a blend of the movies, the 90's cartoon, and comics.

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Red Orchastra 2

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Im pretty sure the original xbox did pretty well, as does Yahoo and Zune

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Didn't like him in the Prince of Persia 2008 remake. Voice was too enthusiastic, 80% of everything he said was some kind of quip or sarcastic remark, and North used his regular voice. I liked the lightheartedness but it was a bit overkill.

North is okay. He puts energy into his roles and stuff, but when he uses his regular voice he really isn't that great.

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Kasumi's Stolen Memory was only 560 points($7). It can be reasonable to assume a single player dlc pack may be the same.

At least all the MP dlc has been free for ME3 seeing as how the MP is only fun for like 30 minutes before youre tired of playing the same mode over and over.

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If you collected and wrote down all the symbols you get from each terminal you find in CE Anniversary, you can take and input them to Halo Waypoint, the Halo content hub app on your xbox. Doing this initiates a hidden cutscene that explains what happens with a few details in-between halo 1 and 2 that for 8 years no one has known.

You only understand it if you paid attention to the story but the fact that it's a brand new cutscene that that paves the way and leads into hal...

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Six and a half if you count the rest of the day after theyre out of church at noon.

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Yea screw that, I'll go back to older generation games from the ps3, original xbox and even n64 that I missed for awhile before I'd even consider paying for a monthly plan that will eventually add up to way more than what a brand new console would cost.

However I admit I pay for Live now so if MS just condenses everything into a small monthly payment, it may not matter to LIve subscribers much depending on how much it could cost If they do this.


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Halo wars is an spinoff game that obviously didn't resonate with even half of halos fanbase, anniversary was a remake that had only a fraction of reach's mp included, and Odst was a spinoff campaign with no competitive multiplayer. So yea, you could say halo comes every year and being a massive fan I've bought and enjoyed them all. But you only gt the full, busting-from-the-seems package even two to three years from the main games.

I could easily say MGS has had ...

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Guitar nerd 23

I think by "soul" you mean you just feel like that because ME1 was the wow factor. ME2 has just as much soul as ME2, just not the RPG depth of me1. Me2 ha excellent story depth and pacing, and had one of the best final sections of a game ever, where your choices throughout the game and during that final section mattered severely. Me2's characters where far more interesting than in me1, and way, way more fleshed out.

I actually ca...

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I'm pretty sure I enjoy halo and gears, and I also enjoyed the original xbox in the last generation more than the ps2 for a number of reasons and games that the ps2 didn't have(morrowind, knights of the old republic, jade empire, halo, indigo prophecy, etc). I don't like kinect but I also don't want to see Microsoft stop competing in the games industry as long as they wise up and tap into their older roots a bit more.

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I really wish that just for a little while the focus would be on better A.I. or something for next gen games and less on pure graphics. More complex and thoughtful enemy encounters even in something simple like a shooter would be a welcome change.

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It's probably pretty common for one household to be paying for Internet, Netflix fees, Live fees, and even fees like COD Elite or BF Premium, or in extreme cases both. That's alot of money.

If xbox live subscriptions decline, MS may have to drop the price of gold some. It would be a smart move because then more people may be willing to give it a go while at the same time raising the value of Live and it's competitiveness.

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