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Reach was a great game in a general sense, but you're a huge halo fan, there were tons of things to nitpick at if you were in a bad mood.

Reach had pretty bad maps that were not competitive or enjoyable to play on. The story deviated from the book Fall of Reach, and it was a letdown if you had read that book. Vehicles were made out of paper and there were plenty of other things like armor lock to rage over. But if you were having a decent day, reach was a good halo game....

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And Goldmember. Ishnt that veired?

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Microsoft gave me 5 bucks worth of MS points just because I had played a lot of halo 2 when they shut the servers down, I wonder what the gift for a ten year member is? Could be exciting.

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Umm, nope, dlc has been around since the Original Xbox Live days. I remember downloading a space station where you could dock and buy new in game items in KotOR 1. I also remember Halo 2 being very supportive with it's online by offering well priced map packs on a consistent basis. Star Wars Battlefront 2 also had additional heroes and maps to download for good prices as well.

I'm not sure how well dlc faired on the PS2s horrible online system, but it was fair and che...

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It's not always that simple, and the second you take your focus off the sniper to deal with something else is when the sniper gets you, or you die from a run n gun while dealing with the sniper. Snipers are stupid in most video games, they dominate way more than an actual sniper should.

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My problem with RE5 was that it tried to be more action oriented but still had the old tank like controls. Should have went with one or the other. Apparently they did with RE6 and it was the wrong one. It's unfortunate really.

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Funny because as a dedicated Halo fan, I followed Bungie and their public activities both on and off their website pretty regularly. On dozens of occasions Bungie devs never had anything but very positive things to say about Halo Wars even years after not having to worry about PR bullcrap anymore.

Im pretty confident that Bungie as a whole respected or even enjoyed Halo Wars.Me thinks this guy had a bad attitude or a bad run in with something.

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Mass Effect 1 didnt truly have more dialog options., it just gave you the illusion that you did. Most of the time you got the same reactions/responses when you chose the middle option and it didn't have any worth to the conversation normally to go neutral.

it's true that ME2 felt more like a collection of sidequests, but ME1 followed the exact same plot formula as KotOR and felt tiresome and predictable as a result. Id rather have sidequests that enhanced my relation...

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Mass Effect 2 is my favorite. It's far more character driven than the first game, more romance options, deeper side quests, more satisfaction at the end when you see all your hard work and choices come together.

Not to mention i feel the atmosphere is the best in ME2. Shepard brought back to life and has to go rogue while working with a shady organization, more intimacy and reliance on close friends like Tali, Garrus, and Joker who are always by your side even when the ga...

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Hatsune miku

I don't know, super Mario 64 and super Mario galaxy didn't feel like dlc from super Mario bros and super Mario world to me...

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As good as goldeneye is, I just can't say its my favorite. It was the first bond game I ever played, but I don't let my nostalgia cloud my judgment.

I can remember trying to get all the extra objectives that higher difficulties added in The World is Not Enough and being able to take silencers on and off at will and being able to actually go stealthy and nonlethal on alot of the missions. I remember staying up all night long with my friend playing splitscreen bot match...

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Ummm...I'm sorry, mediocre? I find the gunplay of any main halo game to be so refined that its drilled down to a science, while the sci fi elements and story are unique, deep and highly intriguing. Halo 4 will be be even deeper since it will finally be very connected and supported by the well written novels. It will also maintain it's unique and vibrant color palette and art design so as to not suffer from that "next gen filter" that uncharted 2 made fun of.

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Maybe now PSN is worthy of signing up or even worth more than Live but for the majority of the past ten years Live has been the clear cut superior online service. Recently though MS needs to start adding more value for less to strike back in order to continue competing.

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The season pass isnt the same thing as an online pass, gears 3 had one too. Basically you'll be paying upfront $30 for all borderlands 2 dlc, whereas you'd be paying $35 or $40 total if you bought all dlc separately. It's actually a good deal if you know you'll be into the game hardcore.

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Yea all xbox owners care about is "shoota" and MP, nothing else. Nevermind Mass Effect, the first game ps3 owners can't even play, or COD being the most played game on ps3, or Halo's excellent campaigns, or elder scrolls and fallout selling extremely well on 360.

Yea, xbox owners hate single player and only play mp and shoota.

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It does come from the character 343 Guilty Spark. Either the guy above only plays MP or he doesn't play halo at all because it's a very important and prominent character in the entire first trilogy.

Halo 4 is looking like an excellent and worthy sequel, and the music is beautiful.

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If IGN gives a score that doesn't agree with what i had hoped for, i go to for a second opinion. actually lately I've been using gamespot for my first opinions.

Gamespot values originality over anything else, and it shows i their review scores. They're a very underrated site that doesn't get the word of mouth and credit they deserve.

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Ninja gaiden was an original xbox exclusive but since the other games were on ps3 it makes sense, I guess.

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They want attention, thats what they want.

When i was training for a job at Target, they sent me to another store for the training. The guy training me for the position was gay, told me about it my first day and asked me if it was alright, and he never let me forget it. For two weeks every day, he would find a way to make a gay joke about himself, find a quick opportunity to reference his sexuality in ways you wouldnt think possible, and constantly inform me that "like e...

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It doesn't have to be nearly as large as just cause 2, and doesnt even need nearly that amount of destruction.

It's worrisome though. The game comes out kinda soon and there's still no gameplay, barely any screenshots, and the teaser trailer is a bunch of clips from the movies.

Id be happy if the game turned out like a lower budget crysis with it's own unique Rambo flare. If the game has decent crysis/farcry elements to it while giving the ga...

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